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WoT Blitz: Is product placement a bad thing?

Some might thing its strange, others that is normal: product placement. Latest WoT Blitz update replaced one consumable and brought a few changes to the Port map. Players will now see some banners on Port map and Adrenaline was temporarily replaced by an energy drink called Tornado.

Tornado Energy Drink

While some players don’t see any problems with this, others are actually complaining about it, but is it a bad thing?

We see product placement in film industry, on your favourite series, even on talk shows, so why a product placement be bad for WoT Blitz? Yes, Wargaming is making money with this, but at least is not making money out of players, forcing them to buy yet another Premium tank that is OP, or a new camouflage that costs a fortune… So while it might look awkward it’s not such a bad thing.

How bad is it to see a banner in a building? As long as they don’t bring “spam advertisement”  like videos that pop out of nowhere, or banners that open asking you click and check a new product, I don’t mind seeing a few of these in the game.

WoT Blitz is a mobile game that reaches out to millions of players, meaning it’s an easy way for companies to advertise their products to these millions of players in a very soft way.

Do you agree, or do you think Wargaming is going to far with this? Leave your opinion down in the comment section.

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  1. its a thin line this border of advertisement and annoyances, the problem is WG has lost her trust into these matters…

  2. Might be a good thing, but both WG and companies should make this advertisment in a way that wouldn’t break the atmosphere…

    1. It’s not a WW2 tank game. There are tanks from both before, and after WW2, not to mention it’s an arcade game, not a tank simulator.

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