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World of Tanks Blitz Update 4.9 Common Test Patch Notes

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  • A new crew skill “Rapid Capture” was added. A light tank skill that will increase the base or point capturing speed. When capturing together with an ally who also has this skill, capturing speed increases by 10%.
  • Sixth Sense was reduced from 3s to 0,3s.
  • Introduction of a new option which allows players to disable the command “Attention to Square” on the minimap, under Settings.
  • A new branch of the Chinese heavy tanks was added. In total there will be four new vehicles, from Tier VII to Tier X. Heavy tank 113 will be the Tier X vehicle.
  • New Smart DLC technology in the test client for Android which allows players to load game resources depending on the Tiers of tanks in their garage. It will allow reducing the client’s size for new players and players who don’t have high Tier vehicles.

Balance Changes

  • Amount of shells for some vehicles was changed.
  • Reloading speed changed for Tier IX and X British mediums.
  • Chinese WZ-121 and 121B have received improved gun dispersion and reload speed.
  • Grille 15: aim time was reduced and slightly improved accuracy on turret rotation.
  • T110E3: forward and back speed increased, turn speed and aiming arc also improved.
  • KpfPz 70: reduced dispersion and coefficient of dispersion on turret rotation.
  • Other vehicle improvements:
    • Rhm. – Borsig Waffentr├Ąger: the dispersion coefficient of dispersion on turret rotation.
    • Ferdinand: Rate of fire increased.
    • T69: Full reload cooldown decreased.
Source: The Blitz Post

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