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World of Tanks Blitz 4.2.0: French Light Tank AMX 40

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Development was started in March 1940. Initially, the vehicle was to have a wheeled caterpillar propulsion system. The blueprint of the vehicle was created but in July 1940 work was discontinued.

One of the most futuristic tanks of its time, with unique thick and rounded armour. There is almost no straight angled part on the hull and turret which gives it good shot deflection abilities. In game, it plays more like a heavy medium or heavy tank.


Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.




AMX 40

AMX 40

?47 mm SA34


AMX 40 bis


?47 mm SA35

Somua LM

?75 mm SA32

General Statistics

Level 4
Health 550
Hull armor 70?/?65?/?40
Turret armor 80?/?60?/?60
Speed limit 35?/?15
Penetration 74?/?100?/?38
Damage 160?/?135?/?200
Rate of fire 5.36
Accuracy 0.46
Aim time 2.30
View range 230
?camouflage net bonus 0.1
Signal range 360
Weight 21 860
Power 190
Power/Weight 8.7
Price 147 500

Gun ??75 mm SA32

Level 4
Caliber 75
Ammo capacity 70

ODR mle. 1910

OCO mle. 1926

OE mle. 1915
Reload time 11.20
Aim time 2.3
Accuracy 0.46
Shot dispersion factor
?turret rotation 0.2
?after shot 3.5
?while gun damaged 2
Traverse Arc -180..+180
Elevation arc -7..+17
rear sector -5..+20 (90°)
Traverse speed 35.0
Impulse 0.46