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World of Tanks Blitz 4.2.0: Chinese Premium Light Tank Type 64

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More than 50 of these vehicles were produced in Taiwan. All basic components of the vehicle were based on those of American vehicles. The Hellcat turret was mounted on the chassis of the M42 anti-aircraft vehicle, and the armament was the well-proven M1A2 gun. Only one Type 64 prototype survives today. The first and the only tank that were designed and produced by Taiwan/Republic of China.

In World of Tanks, it will be a Tier VI Light Tank, the third Premium Light Tank introduced to the game.


Please be aware all the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it might change before the final release.




?Type 64

?Type 64

76mm Gun M1A2 Type64

Continental AOSI_895 5 Prem

General Statistics

Level 6
Health 900
Hull armor 25.4?/?12.7?/?12.7
Turret armor 25.4?/?12.7?/?19.1
Speed limit 72?/?23
Penetration 125?/?177?/?20
Damage 160?/?135?/?200
Rate of fire 9.23
Accuracy 0.37
Aim time 2.10
View range 250
?camouflage net bonus 0.1
Signal range 1
Weight 23 904
Power 550
Power/Weight 23.0
Price 5 500 Gold

Gun 76mm Gun M1A2 Type64

Level 6
Caliber 76
Ammo capacity 45



Reload time 6.50
Aim time 2.1
Accuracy 0.37
Shot dispersion factor
?turret rotation 0.08
?after shot 4
?while gun damaged 2
Traverse Arc -180..+180
Elevation arc -5..+25
Traverse speed 40.3
Impulse 0.48


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  1. Is this common for blitz to have less damage on a premium shell? I haven’t kept up with what blitz has been doing.

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