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Update 3.5 – New Moon Event and New Tanks

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Hello everyone,

Update 3.5 is now out and it brings a new event with the chance to get hold of some new free Chinese tanks. Blitz has seen events like this in the past but this one is more dynamic and provides much more in terms of prizes.

This is basically a grinding XP event which will start on 28th January and finish on 18th February, The first three stages of the series are the same, they are followed by two parallel branches of 4 and 5 tasks. As a reward for each completed stage, you will receive boosters, credits, Free Experience, and Premium time. Those who complete an entire branch of tasks  will get a Premium tank with a dragon camouflage—the Blaze WZ (Tier VII tank destroyer) or the Glacial WZ112 (the Tier VIII heavy tank), depending on the branch.

To complete a stages you will need to earn the required number of Lunar Charms and Dragon Fangs. You will be able to earn the event currencies in battles and for completing missions until 11 February and of course you can just blow a load of gold to skip stages but that will set you back a hefty 14,000 for the tier 8 and 12,000 for the tier 7.

Lunar Charms:

Earned in battles together with experience: one Charm is earned for each experience point.
•    Premium Account increases the amount of Charms earned by 50%.
•    Experience multipliers (x2, x3, x5) and boosters do not affect the amount of Charms.
•    Experience received for completing missions is not considered.

Dragon Fangs:
Earned for completing missions.
•    The higher the tier of the vehicle you use for completing a mission, the more Dragon Fangs you will earn.
•    The number of Dragon Fangs awarded for completing a particular mission, is displayed on the mission screen.
•    Premium Account does not affect the amount of Dragon Fangs you earn.

The Blaze WZ 135G FT
The tier VII tank destroyer has a dragon twisted across its hull and turret, and the mantlet is shaped like a firedrake’s head. The Blaze WZ cannot boast thick armor but it is average damage is 400 HP per shot and it ha a top speed of 50 km/h. The tank destroyer’s turret can rotate 45° left and right, if you want my honest opinion this tank is weak tier for tier and out of the two tanks the only one I would go for is the WZ 112.

The Glacial 112
This Tier VIII heavy tank is what it is all about, it has two snow dragons along the sides, their heads winding around the turret. The main feature of the Glacial 112 is its solid front turret armor, that is more than the IS-3 and the IS-6. The 112 also has a great upper plate boasting 121mm of armour sloped very aggressively. Couple that to some spaced side armour and a monstrous 122mm gun and you have yourself one nasty tank.

Full statistics on both tanks to follow and be sure to check out the above video full of information!