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So, Why Play Blitz?

3 min read

Hello Readers,

As of recent a frequent question that I am asked is, why don’t I play the other Wargaming games such as the PC variant or the Console variant etc, this is not because I dislike them, quite the opposite I love them. Like many of you, I watch nearly every video Jingles or QB uploads and I thoroughly enjoy watching the content always. Blitz is not to dissimilar in regards to the absolute barrel of laughs and epic game play that happens. Blitz is a stripped out version of World of Tanks which allows a fast paced shorter game on a mobile platform or as of recent, the PC platform to.  The game has no artillery and the battle time is halved but so is the amount of tanks on the teams.

So why play Blitz? Well it takes me around 30 seconds from loading the app to getting into a battle. The battle takes no more than 7 minutes and as a result of this I can have a quick game before I start my day or a quick few games after work while the children play before food. The opportunities to fit a quick game in are endless compared, you can have a quick game on your lunch break, while on you’re stuck on public transport or even while you’re on the thrown! 3 young children, a full time job and a “to do” list as long as my arm do not really give me much free time, which I am sure so many players can relate to. Simple worded it is just so convenient for me. Yes, the graphics do not compare but the basic penetration mechanics are the same, tactics for certain tanks work the same and RNG is just as hysterical and troll as always! The way it differs is the grind is much quicker, personally I have played nearly 30,000 battles over the last 3 years in Blitz and own 221 tanks from the tech tree and far to many premium tanks.

What I cannot do for the life of me is play on a mobile phone, to me this is crazy, my thumbs take up the vast majority of the screen resulting in seeing nothing on the battle field. I play on an ipad and as of recent I have been trying to hone my skills on the steam variant as a keyboard and mouse feels very alien to me after so many battles using touch screen controls.

If you want to see Blitz summed up in less than 3 minutes then have a look at my recent channel trailer below and I recommend all world of tanks players from Console or PC give it a try either via Steam or have a laugh and try the touch controls.

My World of Tanks Blitz Youtube channel is small but is also still a very new channel. I imagine the channel will always remain fairly small in comparison to many others on the basis that the vast majority of the content is covering a niche market. My content is aimed at the World of Tanks Blitz community as this is where my interest lies and where I enjoy getting my tank battle fix from. Some content contains real tanks and footage I make in Wargaming events. These events feature the likes what I would refer to as celebrities or legends in the Wargaming Community such as The mighty Jingles, Quicky Baby and many others. My main aim is to cover as much Blitz content a possible so come check it out.

Happy Tanking