World of Tanks Blitz

Blitz: What’s coming up?

Update 3.10, New Premium Vehicles and a new Event.

According to Blitz News, there is quite a few thing coming to the game. Update 3.10 should be coming out by the end of this week, it won’t bring any vehicle changes, except allowing the permanent enrichment for Chaffee – T49 branch.

  • M24 Chaffee: 4500 Gold
  • T37: 9100 Gold
  • M41 Bulldog: 15300 Gold
  • T49: 22500 Gold

Two new premium vehicles were added to the game: T-44-100P, Russian Tier VIII Medium Tank and Chieftain/T95, British Tier VIII Heavy Tank. Two other premium vehicles will receive new legendary camouflage patterns: T28 Concept and IS-5.

T-44-100P, Chieftain/T95, T28 Concept and LeKpz M41 90 will be the prizes of a new event coming on July, 4th. No details about the event, but there’s rumours it could be similar to the AMX CDC event with containers.

That’s all the information I’ve received for World of Tanks Blitz. What’s your opinion, are you looking forward for these new Premium Vehicles?

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