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WGLNA Team Profile: Elevate

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The Apex Predator of North America sits down to talk with us.


Apex, then Elevate, came into the season as the favorites after winning Season 1 WGLNA finals back in October of 2016. The concerns heard were about whether the new additions to the team would gel quickly and if they could fill the shoes of the departing players. The answer was a record of 70 match wins with just 12 losses. Undefeated with a win rate of 85%. Recently we were fortunate enough to sit down with some queries and questions with Elevates Captain, Comps.


  • The Team has a rich past that has included more than a few names. Cunningham’s, Noble, Apex and now Elevate. What has kept the core team together and going after all these seasons?

Comps: What has kept this team together is the drive to win. There has been continuous improvement since the very first season. We have now reached a point where the only thing left to do is go to the grand finals and finally put on a good showing from NA. Chasing that opportunity is the glue that has kept the team going.

  • After winning last season’s final your team had some personnel leave the team, retirement, and the such. Yet the response was to pick up Oxmathus, Wallhacks, and GodEmperorBrett, and later Vetro, some of the best players in the league. Were there any challenges in integrating them into the team? (Play style, culture, pace, positions, etc.)

Comps: The integration of Ox and Brett was very straight forward as they were directly replacing players with similar roles. The biggest challenge early on was having Wally call. In previous seasons under Jerm’s calling we were a more passive/reactive team. With Wally calling we became a more proactive and aggressive team. This was a difficult transition early on but the guys have since adopted the system and it has been working quite well.

  • What team, other than possibly your own, do you see as being the most improved since last season?

Comps: Most improved, that is hard to say. Teams this season have been hard to rank since everybody seems to be able to beat anyone on any given match day. Standouts would be AM60 or Top Tier since they have shown that they are more consistent this season.

  • With the massive announcement of the Elevate sponsorship breaking last Thursday, how did it come about? As an E-sports organization with a prior history with WoT and the WGLNA, what attracted you to them?

Comps: Elevate approached us interested in tanks. They saw a lot of growth out of the scene from the last time they were around in 2015. We saw it as a great opportunity to join an established organization. The support Elevate was willing to provide made the decision a no brainer. The commitment the org has towards this team is fantastic. It gives us peace of mind moving forward and allows us to focus on our gameplay.

  • Elevate has remained undefeated throughout the whole season. With the finals looming large, is there anything different you will be doing in preparation? Is there any temptation to think beyond the WGLNA finals and look to the Grand Finals?

Comps: It’s safe to say that we have been preparing for Grand Finals since the beginning of the season. This has been our goal from the very start. Our training has reflected that and we will maintain the same regiment moving into the regional finals.

  • Any message you would like to give to your fans, old and new?

Comps: To our fans, I would like to say thanks for watching and supporting us. Keep watching because the best is yet to come.


  • Do you miss the old days of the laundry room faceoff?

Comps: To be honest I do, I miss living in that house and had a good time living there and playing from the laundry room.

  • Lastly, if you had to pick one song that would capture the idea of who Elevate are at the core and as a team, what would it be?

Comps: The song that would best describe the teams Identity is a song from the movie Mulan- I’ll make a man out of you. It’s a song the guys like to sing during practice and I think they lyrics describe the team perfectly.

With the drive and determination Elevate have demonstrated with their undefeated record they present intriguing questions. Is this the first team to win back to back titles since the era of Fulcrum? Can they manifest their peak performance at the Global Grand Finals in Moscow and be the first NA team to take the championship home?


Be sure to tune in to April 8th to see if Elevate can claim their 2nd WGLNA championship in a row and secure that desired trip to Moscow and the Global Grand Finals.