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WGLNA Match Day 17 – Recap and Review

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Apex had stood alone from start to this very last match. Though change had happened recently, the addition of Vetro from eClipse, nothing more was expected as they prepped for their last encounter vs Dare Rising. Yet Comps and Co had a major surprise in store as it was announced they had accepted sponsorship from Elevate, a noted and respected E-Sports organization. Even with this exciting moment most expected little to no change in WGLNA’s most dominant team performance tonight.

dareaviDare Rising came into this match night both hungry and with the clear knowledge that a victory over Elevate would guarantee second place. The race for this position and the bye it gives straight into the finals has been tight this entire second round robin but it was now Dare’s for the taking.  The challenge lay in being the first team to take down undefeated Elevate.

Dare Rising vs Elevate

The first match of the evening would be on Prokhorovka and while each team has been playing around with the new 17.1 update meta has encouraged, Elevate may have found an interesting take. Wallhacks took the T95 and was the lead tank in a massive push down the 1 / 2 line. With its 20Kph speed it led Vetro in his IS4 providing both bait and heavy armor. In a flurry of shots Elevate would eliminate Derjil and his S-Tank early leading to victory and a 1 – 0 lead for Elevate.

Elevate quickly took the 2nd match and the first Mines contest to race to a commanding 3 – 0 lead. Yet Dare would shock many as they did what has been, up to this point, impossible. Defeat Elevate on Mines. Elevate attempted a T95 two-line cap but were stymied. Dare Rising would be the first and only team to gain victory this regular season over WGLNA’s top team on Mines to make the score 1 -3.

Ghost Town is another map Elevate have dominated on, with an above 80% win rate. Yet if any questions remained whether the change in the meta would affect them it was answered here. Dare Rising was on the attack and run into a series of almost continuous crossfires leading to caster James “Rockstarx12” Grieve comment “I hate to putting elegant in the same sentence of Maus and Type 5 but look at the positioning of Elevate and the beautiful choreography.” In short order, it was 4 -1 and match 6 would be demonstrate yet again why Elevate stands alone atop the WGLNA as the season draws to a close as they closed out the night 5 – 1.

Even with tonight’s results Dare Rising still has a chance at 2nd place. Their fate lays in the hands of o7, for if they defeat eClipse on WGLNA Match day 18, Dare will secure 2nd and the bye. Elevate, on the other hand, have the top seed and bye. They have time to prep and scout as they roll into Season 2 Finals.

Match 2

ValenceLogo1pngValence comes into this match eliminated from any chance at the playoffs. Folks wondered if this side would break out the MEME strats, silly tank choices played for fun, or if they would seek to go out swinging. This team of talented players never found their feet and hopefully will find their way back to the WLGNA for the next season.


On the other side stood Aquatic M60’s who had locked in a playoff spot and 5th place on the season. This contest tonight would finish up their season and they were clearly the favorites coming into it tonight. Would they also go for the MEME strats or would they seek to get the job done in their preferred aggressive fashion?

Valence VS Aquatic M60’s

AM60’s came out on the first map of Ghost Town brining one of the largest totals of HP this season. 6 Maus will do that and they were able to quickly overwhelm Valence.  The 2nd match would be much of the same with M60s grouping up 5 hvys to push to victory and take a 2 – 0 lead.

Match 3 on Ruinberg would bring a swing as we heard a relaxed Valence as they discussed Hats and bidets in comms. They collapsed on M60s and eliminated them to take their first win taking the score to 1 -2.

“Warning Strong Language.“

Aquatic would quickly get the momentum back as they took the next 2 matches and a 4 – 1 lead into the second match of Himmelsdorf. Valence would hold and win the match but M60’s had their share of humor as they discussed how damage was taken.

With the score 4 -2 in favor to Aquatic the battle would now switch to Steppes. Valence would bring along the popular M48A1 and settled into a relaxed banter while seeking to fend off M60s. The match itself was fun to watch and in the end Aquatic would take the win 5-2.

Aquatic now has a few days till the semi-finals to scout and prepare. Depending on Tuesday s results they will be facing either Top Tier or eClipse. For Valence, they have a chance to remain in the WGLNA as they will play in a regulation match in the qualifiers. Hopefully we will see them return, retooled and better next season.

Be sure to join in on the last match day of the season Tuesday as we will finally discover who will get the vaunted bye. And what matches we will have in the playoffs! Tune in at 5:30 pm PST for all the excitement at