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BREAKING NEWS: WGLNA League Leading Apex now Elevate.

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As of 3pm PST on Thursday March 3, 2017 it was announced last seasons champion and nigh unstoppable this season is now sponsored by Elevate.  It has been almost 2 years since the well known e-sports team had a sponsored a WGLNA side. Yet it left questions as to why they had chosen to come back to World of Tanks and WGLNA. was fortunate to grab an exclusive with Elevates brand manager, ElevateParse.

What drew Elevate back into the WGLNA and specifically to Apex?

Elevate – Regarding Elevate’s return to WGLNA, I would say that we’ve quietly been watching the scene since we last played in 2015.  At the end of that season, which didn’t end as we had hoped; we were concerned with the impact of some WGLNA format changes to the final and dealing with some internal staffing problems, the combination of which ultimately led to us concluding that we’d take a step back from the scene and see how things developed.

Luckily the competitive environment benefits from developer support unlike most we’ve seen elsewhere. The scene seems even more vibrant and as competitive as ever, so when we started seeing hype for the season picking up, we decided to put our feelers back out again.

Ultimately, Apex was the first team we approached, and honestly, why wouldn’t you start by talking to the undefeated #1 team in the league? We were thrilled to see that Apex was full of highly professional players, who had their own corporate structuring and were taking their role as professional players seriously. It made it really easy to talk with them and figure out how we could work out a sponsorship. We talked to sponsors of our company like Razer, and when we saw they were thrilled to see us getting back in the scene, we knew we had made the right decision.

What vision does Elevate see for Apex, now Elevate?

Elevate – I’m not going to lie. We have big expectations of this team. They do nothing but impress us at every corner of what they do. I’ve never seen such an impressively talented team in WGLNA, and I’ve been watching it for a LOOOOOONG time. I would love to see Apex finish strong and win the North American region, and go even further to stun both European and CIS regions. I honestly could see this team winning it all, which would be a first for North American teams. It is exciting enough to be a part of a team that is exceeding all expectations and turning heads at the international level.

Not to look past the regional finals, but a high placing in the Grand Finals the goal?

Elevate – Let me be clear, we understand the variability of LAN environments, probably more than most teams. Call of Duty sets you up for a lot of changes between online and live events, and we’ve been doing that for years now.

Given how great the team looks and how seriously they take their training and scrimmaging, I would not be surprised to see them placing very well at the Global Grand Finals, provided they qualify. I think there are great things on the horizon for this team.

The ambition of what was formally Apex has found a new home and sponsor that shares that same desire of success. Combined with a desire to take WGLNA to the next level in the upcoming Grand Finals this partnership can only help both and bring yet more exposure to the League.