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Total War Arena: Open Weekend

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When can I play?

The Total War: ARENA Closed Beta will be available to everybody this weekend, from Friday November 3 at 3PM CET (UTC+1) until Monday November 6 at 7AM CET (UTC+1).

Do I need a special code to take part?

Nope! There are no codes required to access the open weekend. The only thing you need is a account, which you can sign up for in advance to get stuck into the action more quickly.

How do I download Total War: ARENA?

Follow the instructions in our handy guide to download and install the Game Center, where you can pre-install Total War: ARENA in anticipation of the open weekend.


What if I want to continue playing Total War: ARENA after the open weekend?

We’re always looking for new recruits, so head to the main page of our official portal to sign up to our Closed Beta Test! Once you’re signed up and receive an email with your code, follow the instructions here to register the code and continue playing.

Do I need to know anything else?

The Total War: ARENA portal, now available in six different languages, is packed with information on legendary commanders, units, historical events, and everything you need to know to get yourself up to speed on some of the game’s lore.