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World of Tanks

Circonflexes [EN]

King of Kings, the Best of the Best… In my opinion the best World of Tanks Streamer you can watch and learn. Relaxed, fun and with loads of memes you won’t find better place to learn how to play World of Tanks.

Sir Havoc [EN]

Sir Havoc is the founder of WotUni, a World of tanks Youtube video creator for guides, gameplay and tutorials, and Twitch Live Streamer. Check out is channel/stream if you want’ to learn how to improve World of Tanks.

tcfreer [EN]

Frenzier [PT/EN]

Niquitaq [EN]

ims89 [EN]

Sofi [EN]

AngryScot [EN]


GamerDom [EN]

Red Inside [RO]