Bovington Tank Museum

Tank Chats – Tankfest 2016

Tankfest 2016 was the biggest and the best Tankfest to the date. I have been there 4 years now and I can say I loved all of them, but I’ve never seen anything like this years Tankfest.

And if you couldn’t be there, you could see the famous David Fletcher, who needs no introductions, doing a Tank Chat where he compares the First World War Mark IV (the one in the video is a replica used for the film War Horse) and the Challenger 2, the current Main Battle Tank used by the British Army. The vehicle that David fletcher is on top of is a Rolls-Royce 1920 Pattern Mark I Armoured Car, there are only 5 left in the World and it’s in working conditions. Hope you enjoy this special episode of Tank Chats.

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