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Hello everyone, Game Center seems ready for release and will lose it’s Beta label very soon. Our usual Russian friends have published a download link, so I’ve downloaded and tested it. It’s working, allowed me to install in English (several other languages available) and to import the games I got installed.

With this new Game Center you will be able to download any Wargaming game and get all the information in a single place. The app has been in development for over one year now, if you to try it out, just click here.

Update #1

I’ve updated the article with new better resolution pictures and with more details to cover all the functionalities.

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  1. Hang on Hark, does this mean that we can select the region we want to play on as well? And it adapts the single client to that?

    Hard to tell but it seem’s to ask that on the screenshots?

    I ask cause some of stream on both NA and EU servers for example?

    1. Yeah, from there you can install any region you want. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s a lot easier. Also it automatically creates folders for new installations, if you already have them installed the import should detect both of them.

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