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Supertest: WZ-114 Tier VIII Chinese Premium Heavy Tank

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Ever wanted a new Chinese Premium Tier VIII heavy tank? You will soon (2022) be able to get yet another one of those: WZ-114! The Tier VIII Chinese WZ-114 heavy tank has been sent to the closed Supertest. Yes, it’s fake and is aimed at the Chinese market!

The vehicle has a 122 mm gun which can cause 360 damage per shot. Its standard AP shells penetrate up to 208 mm, while the special HEAT shells can penetrate 270 mm of armour. It has an aiming time of 3.6 s and a reload time of 12 s.

However, its main distinguishing feature among heavy tanks of its tier is a good accuracy of 0.33, which allows for landing more precise shots at weak spots, as well as firing at enemy vehicles from a distance.

It has a top speed of 30 km/h, and specific power of 10.7 h.p./t. The frontal turret armour thickness reaches 300 mm, while the thickness of the hull is 125 mm. A large HP pool of 1,800 HP combined with good frontal armour improves the vehicle’s survivability on the battlefield.

The WZ-114 is a heavy tank with strong frontal armour, low speed, but excellent accuracy for a heavy tank. Confront enemies head-on, preferably supported by allies who do not allow mobile tanks to flank you or impose manoeuvrable battle tactics that favour them. Good accuracy opens up a relatively rare opportunity for heavy tanks to fight confidently at medium and long distances.

All characteristics are with a crew trained to 100% and subject to change before the final release.







WZ-114WZ-114122 mm VZ 60V-2-54SCA-220A
Firepower - 324
Average Damage per Shot (HP)360/360/530
Average Penetration (mm)208/270/122
Rate of Fire (rounds/min)5.22
Reload Time (s)11.51
Gun Traverse Speed  (deg/s)16.69
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  (deg)-10/20
Aiming Time (s)3.45
Dispersion at 100 m (m)0.32
Average Damage per Minute  (HP/min)1 877
Survivability - 450
Hit Points (HP)1 800
Hull Armour (front/sides/rear mm)125/60/60
Turret Armour (front/sides/rear mm)300/175/95
Mobility - 334
Weight/Load Limit (t)70/72
Engine Power (h.p.)750
Specific Power (h.p./t)10.71
Top Speed/Reverse Speed (km/h)30/10
Traverse Speed (deg/s)21.90
Concealment - 85
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)5.76/0.88
Concealment of Moving  Vehicle (%)2.85/0.44
Spotting - 550
View Range (m)380
Signal Range (m)720
Firepower Hidden Stats
Dispersion moving0.30
Dispersion tank traverse0.30
Dispersion turret traverse0.30
Dispersion after firing7.00
Dispersion gun damagedUnknown
Mobility Hidden Stats
Hard Terrain Resistance1.10
Medium Terrain Resistance1.20
Soft  Terrain Resistance2.50
Hard Terrain Traverse (deg/s)20.23
Medium Terrain Traverse (deg/s)18.54
Soft Terrain Traverse (deg/s)8.90

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: WZ-114 Tier VIII Chinese Premium Heavy Tank

  1. Low alpha high accuracy ?? what a strange combination for a Chinese tank. I wonder how well it performs compared with Renegade.

  2. Hull looks a bit like that of an IS-6?
    Better frontally, worse on the sides, hull cheeks makes sidescraping.. questionable.
    Turret reminds me of the STA series, except a wee bit more armoured, but rotates incredibly slowly.
    And I wonder how weak the cupola is going to be, considering it’ll be somewhat easy to hit.
    All-in-all, I doubt it’ll be as OP as the defender.

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