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The German Tank Museum in Munster

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Hello everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything about a Museum, but this time it wasn’t me doing the visit. Zhenwugaming one of the readers, has kindly put together this article about his visit to the German Tank Museum in Munster. All credits to him and a very big thank you for sharing this with us. Enjoy.

*Note this post is picture heavy and long.

Autor: Zhenwugaming

Greetings to all from Germany,

I spend a weekend at the German Tank museum at Munster and I decided to share some impressions with you. Munster is a small town between Hannover and Hamburg and until 1993 there were British soldiers deployed in Munster. Since then Munster was made as the biggest garrison of the Bundeswehr (German Army) with 4 barracks, among others the Training Centre Munster, which includes a mechanized warfare school and the army reconnaissance school. Europe’s biggest military training ground is nearby (around 24,900ha) as well near the town is the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen, which is also worth a visit.


Back to the German Tank Museum, the museum was founded in 1983 and has over 150 tanks, excluding non armoured vehicles and other stuff displayed on 10 ha, so it’s rather small compared to other tank museums, but 100% worth the visit. Also the entrance fee is quite low, about 7€ per person (note: the fee includes a multimedia guide). The museum is divided into 3 halls, Hall 1 is from the first World War until the division of Germany (1917 – 1955), Hall 2 displays the Armoured Forces after 1945, and Hall 3 includes Combat Support Vehicles, Tank Destroyers and the German Army in deployment, between Hall 2 and Hall 3 there is a small outside area where you can see a Leopard 1 from the inside.


The second pictures shows the inscription “Who wants peace need to talk about war” from Walther Benjamin a Jewish German Philosopher.

Floor plan of the museum

Hall 1 is dedicated to tanks from 1917 until 1955. The most noticeable vehicles here are a replica of a A7V, the only German tank which was mass produced during the First World War. Only 20 were ever built during the wa.

The “Leichter Kampfwagen” II (Light Combat Wagon), which was developed in 1918. This displayed model was a former Swedish Strv m/21-29.


And the last Daimler DZVR 21, a Light Armoured Car built in the 1920s.


One of the JagdPanzer IV in display.

And here are some pictures of Hall 1:

Hall 2 shows tanks after 1945, when Germany was divided, so here you will see American tanks, which were used in the beginning by the West German Army, like the M47 Patton or the M41 90, and Soviet Tanks, which were used by the People’s Army of the Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany), like T34-85, T-54/T-55/T-72 and various BMP versions.

The Combat Support Vehicles and Tank Destroyers of the German Army are displayed in Hall 3. The Problem here is, that it isn’t a hall at all, so there not much space between the tanks. You will see German Artillery and Anti-Aircraft tanks here, most interesting here should be the Flakpanzer “Gepard” (anti-aircraft cannon tank “Cheetah”), mounted with a Oerlikon 35 mm twin automatic cannon and 2 radar dishes. The tank was developed in the 1960’s, with the unique ability that both barrels not firing simultaneously in order to give the guns more accuracy.


Also you will see here the Austrian SK-105 “Kürassier”, using the chassis of a Saurer APC and the AMX-13 turret, it was armed with a 105mm autoloading cannon.


A Merkava I from Israel.

And some more picture of Hall 3.

And last but not least the outside area, there is not much to see, except the bridge-layer Biber (Beaver) and Leopard 1, which you can inspect from the inside.

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