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Militracks 2020: The rare Nashorn tank hunter is in attendance!

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The Overloon War Museum in The Netherland is pleased to unveil more big guns coming to Militracks 2020. They already announced the Jagdpanther will be raring into town, and today they are pleased to announce the welcome return of the very rare Nashorn tank hunter, following a major catastrophe when the tank was engulfed in a fire.

In March 26th 2019 military historians and fan of WWII hardware were shocked to hear that the Nashorn tank had been involved in a fire; the cause of which is still isn’t known. It happened on Sunday morning, and luckily a good neighbour discovered it when he was walking his dog and immediately he warned the team and the fire department. Because of this quick-thinking, they were able to save the Nashorn which was heavily damaged, but sadly they lost a lot of spare parts which had taken them many years to acquire.

Post the fire the team know they needed help to get this project back on track, and they started a crowdfunding campaign and also had support from other military owners, who have spare equipment they could offer to help them restore to pre-fire damage tank. The team also brought the tank to Militracks May 2019 to show off the damage and help generate funds from the attending audience.

As of today, we are at about the same point we were when the fire started. Some things are a bit further other’s need a bit more work.Robby van Sambeek, Project Manager

Pre to the fire the team have spent many years and hours rebuilding this tank to its former glory, they started to collect parts early 2015, and the restoration started fully after they located an original hull. Most parts were found near the Kaliningrad area in Russia. Before the fire started the Nashorn was driving for about six months.

Nashorn (German “rhinoceros”, pronounced [ˈnaːsˌhɔɐ̯n] was a German tank destroyer of World War II. It was developed as an interim solution in 1942 he Hornisse/Nashorn made its debut during the Battle of Kursk in 1943, where it performed considerably well. There are two Nashorns on display in military museums: one in the United States and Patriot Park military museum in Moscow, and this one which is in private ownership in the Netherlands.

During the Militracks weekend, there are German motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, half-tracks and tanks on display that were predominantly in the service of the Wehrmacht. This year’s first big announcement is the attendance of the Militracks events, and the main purpose was to demonstrate that German vehicle technology which, in WWII in many cases qualitatively was much better than that of the Allies. At Militracks, these mobile military machines will demonstrate – and in some cases literally – how that technology worked. The vehicles are also not just set up in static displays but driven around on the special kilometre-and-a-half trail on the museum grounds. It is also possible to ride along. You can buy tickets for rides on the grounds themselves.

Pre-ordering entrance tickets is possible but only online. Remaining tickets will be sold at the entrance during the event.

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