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Militracks 2020: Postponed to September due to Coronavirus

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Militracks also postponed due to Corona, although in its place is Militracks Special Market Garden Edition 19th 20th September.

Militracks also postponed due to Corona. The annual event Militracks of War Museum Overloon has been moved from May to September. But it does get a special touch. The Overloon museum is currently closed. What should have been a great year because of the 75th anniversary of the liberation now threatens to be a year along the financial abyss for the museum. Because also the event Militracks has to be moved because of the circulating coronavirus. This was due to take place in May. Nevertheless, the museum hopes to make a virtue of an emergency, as the event is postponed to 19 and 20 September.

That weekend is traditionally also the moment when the liberation operation Market Garden is commemorated. And especially for this edition Militracks will not only present German equipment but also moving Allied equipment. The German equipment was mainly technically superior in the Second World War. But the Allies endured the art of producing tanks in large numbers. In the end, the Allies were able to emerge victorious because they could send seemingly unlimited tanks to the front.

At Militracks, these parties are facing each other again, with which the museum puts together another historical beating picture. And it hopes to bring visitor numbers back to normal levels later this year. This is necessary in order to continue to look forward to the future with confidence.