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Hell Let Loose: Upcoming Content Sneak Peek

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The developers of Hell Let Loose are working hard on what’s coming next. To keep the community updated, they have decided to give players a heads up on their plans. Of course, please keep in mind that the following is just a portion of what they are working on, and there aren’t set dates to when all the content will become available.


As the Sherman and Panther tanks roam the battlefield, the developers are quite happy with their current state, allowing them to move along to the next set of vehicles coming into Hell Let Loose.

Currently, it looks like trucks will be the next addition, giving players the so much requested mobility options for themselves and supplies. Support, Anti-tank, Engineer and Officer roles will rejoice! Beyond that, you can expect to see the addition of further armoured options, both on heavier and lighter sides.

Advanced Movement

Vaulting it’s finally coming! Waist-high walls won’t be an obstacle anymore, as players will be able to vault them and move along. But not just that, players will be able to haul themselves out of trenches, over fences and even over conveniently short walls. This should address the awkward situations when we feel we should be able to make a jump, whilst also giving a more authentic, tactical approach to engaging with battlefield terrain.

Improved Animations

Continued refining of all animations, including TPP and FPP to give players a more engaging, responsive experience. This ranges from running animations to how soldier models respond to certain actions, such as bullet hit flinching and new context-sensitive death animations.

Audio Improvements

Audio is one of the most requested improvements by the community and the developers are listening to feedback. They have been working extensively across the entire soundscape of the game according to player feedback in the latest playtests. Every single weapon sound has been revamped as Developers move closer to a quality they are happy with. The distance fall-off on all weapons has been drastically increased to give better directionality and to make the battlefield more alive.

Developers will be paying special attention to the handling of external and interior vehicle noises, environmental interaction audio with gunshots, as well as refining existing sounds. This kind of content will be done in stages as the team works on implementation and player feedback.

New Game Modes

Currently Hell Let Loose offers one game mode – Warfare – an intense tug-of-war down a single sector capture line. While Developers are confident in the experience it offers players, they know there’s further work to do in better integrating the way resources, strategic freedom and Commander abilities work within this system. They’ve been pouring over the feedback channel in Discord, reading all the brilliant forum posts and have been having ongoing internal discussions as they brainstorm ways to add further complexity to this game mode.

Having said that, they’re not stopping there. The team are also working on two other game modes that will give players and the wider community more variation and options in the style of gameplay they experience in Hell Let Loose.

The two modes currently being worked on are under the working titles of “Invasion” and “Campaign”. Whilst maintaining the core gameplay of Hell Let Loose, these modes will offer different experiences to what’s available right now – with a particular focus on returning the greater strategic decision-making abilities to the players while maintaining the important player-density. Much of the challenge behind Hell Let Loose metagame design is balancing the resources, map layout, player density and strategic freedom players have.

Commander Orders

The Commander isn’t finished just yet! He’s still got some more Orders to come his way. From abilities that have a physical (and painful) presence on the battlefield, to more supporting Orders, the Commander still has some additional functionality to give players the ability to carve out their own playstyle, rather than adhering to one template.


You know of Hurtgen Forest and Sainte-Marie-du-Mont, but did you know the team are already actively working on the next two maps? Foy and Utah Beach are currently in active development and will be the next battlefields that you’ll be clashing on in the future.  Below is an in-game image taken from Foy, a snow-covered map that will give players whole new challenges to face, or turn to their advantage, in the heat of battle. Set in the Belgian village of the same name and made famous by Band of Brothers, Foy combines a dense destroyed urban environment with rolling fields and pine forest – giving one of the most diverse player experiences so far. Foy is largely finalised and is about to enter an optimisation pass. Oh, and the Developers didn’t forget about the Winter uniforms.


Developers have been working hard to make sure the technical aspects of the HUD and UI are functioning correctly as they move towards Early Access. As a result of that, the look of them could really do with some love. They’re going to be working across all UX, UI and 2D graphics elements within the game to give the game the same front-end visual polish that you find in the maps themselves.

Cosmetic System

When you’re on the frontline, your soldier should be able to help reflect the individuality of the player controlling them. Developers also appreciate that not everyone looks the same! To address this, they’re currently working on the implantation of a cosmetic system for Hell Let Loose. This will start with the ability to pick a helmet for your soldier, before being expanded to include head and uniform options for each role.

All customisations will be authentic, with nothing untoward or fantasy for that time period being included. The design intentions here are twofold:

  • To enable players to roleplay as a historical unit
  • To allow players to show their experience in their appearance

They  WILL NOT be using loot boxes in this system.

P.S.: Did someone said Flamethrower?

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  1. TLDR: company of heroes 1 in Unreal 3 engine…

    I can go for some simple ****. Really.
    BF and whatnot are hilariously bad… and thats an objective statement.

  2. That map picture, that’s how the maps in WoT should look like.
    Anyhow, the game looks quite interesting, might give it a try 🙂

  3. You mean not readable and less detailed with markings that make no sense for the close encounter maps we are playing on?
    Cant see WG not adding this mayor detail to the game! 🙂

    Ahem… gameplay first. history second. always.
    Design cant ever kill its function or its trash. Wanna a glas toaster? thats how you get glas toasters!

  4. Hmm sorry, for duplicate post, it took so long for my comment to show up so I thought something had gone wrong 😛

  5. I’m talking about the map itself, not the minimap picture 🙂
    We need that kind of open maps with an environment where all cl***es can play their role, i.e. spotting, sniping etc, and not only the close quarters brawling as you even mentioned yourself.
    And on the second part I strongly disagree with you. Just because you make something realistic/historical, doesn’t mean that it will provide bad gameplay. Actually, a lot of design problems and issues can be avoided by just following logic and the laws of physics/nature.

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