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World of Warships Patch 0.5.10 – Release Date & Patch Notes

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Hello everyone,

Patch 0.5.10 is scheduled for 18 August and will be applied on the servers from 05:30 CEST until 07:30 CEST (UTC+2) during which the game server will be offline. Other servers should be either same day of just after. Will update post with dates once I get them.

Update #1

In the NA Server the update happens August 17; preparation begins at 03:00 PT/ 06:00 ET until 05:00 PT/ 08:00 ET.

Release Notes 0.5.10

German Battleships

The German battleship branch (from Tier III to Tier X) was added to the game. As part of this, the following ships have been added : Nassau, Kaiser, König, Bayern, Gneisenau, Bismarck, Friedrich Der Gro?e, and Gro?er Kurfürst.

The German battleship branch is an excellent choice for close-quarters combat, with many traits that encourage an aggressive playstyle:

  • Inclined armoured decks (making it harder to hit the citadels of German battleships at short distances).
  • Highly efficient secondary armaments, compared to similarly tiered battleships of other nations.
  • Main turrets with high rates of fire and good traverse speeds.
  • A large amount of hit points.
  • A large portion of their hull sides are protected by armour.

Interface Changes

  • Added detailed information about ships the player destroyed in battle. Now, such info includes the ship type and destruction method.
  • Added the Introductory mission banner and Service Record banner in the Port. These banners will be displayed to novice players.
  • Improved the display of subsequent-Tier ships in the tech tree of the Modules screen.
  • Increased the font size of the ship types in the Tech Tree tab.
  • Increased the size and revised the design of icons appearing above the target when modules are damaged. Now, it is much easier to distinguish incapacitated modules from destroyed ones.
  • The update button (for replacing a Daily Mission with a new random Daily Mission) was made more visible.
  • Added a placeholder for the in-game browser that will be displayed if YouTube cannot be accessed for whatever reason.
  • Actions, Events and Challenges UI design elements have been improved.
  • The player’s Profile now has statistics for individual ships.

The post-battle-statistics screen now includes new data that helps when evaluating your performance, namely:

  • Damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player.
  • Number of fires allies caused to enemies spotted by the player.
  • Potential damage, which includes the following: The potential maximum damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that hit the player’s ship (with or without causing damage to it), and the potential damage from shells, bombs and torpedoes that were fired/launched by the enemy at the player’s ship but did not hit.
  • Number of enemy ships spotted by the player.
  • Number of enemy squadrons spotted by the player.
  • Number of enemy torpedoes spotted by the player.
  • Capture points and defense points (earned by capturing/defending bases and key areas).

Now, the player’s Profile includes the following new data:

  • Total damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player.
  • Highest amount of damage that allies caused to enemies spotted by the player in a single battle.
  • Average damage allies caused to enemies spotted by the player.
  • Total number of enemy ships spotted by the player.
  • Highest number of ships spotted by the player in a single battle.
  • Average number of ships spotted per battle.
  • The player’s participation in capturing and defending key areas, calculated as a percentage ratio (ratio of the points earned by the player, to the points earned by the rest of their team).
  • Total potential damage.
  • Highest potential damage received per battle.
  • Average potential damage received per battle.

Note that this new data, which is now included in the post-battle statistics, does not yet have any impact on the in-game economy. As for now, this data is available only so that players can more precisely evaluate their combat efficiency. We plan to analyse the gathered statistics and integrate this data into the in-game economy in later updates – details to be announced separately.

 Interface Optimisation

We optimised the following actions that players can carry out via the game interface:

  • The display of statistical data is now visible by pressing the Tab key during a battle.
  • We have expanded the ship performance characteristics panel in the Port, in order to show more detailed information.
  • The display of the post-battle statistics screen after the end of battle has been changed.

Audio Improvements

  • Improved the sounds of bomb explosions and fires.
  • Reworked sounds for the Surveillance Radar and Hydroacoustic Search consumables.
  • Improved ambient sounds for the “Ocean” Port.
  • Improved the in-game logic for playing enemy-detection messages while in Binocular View.
  • Enhanced and reworked the distant sounds within the game’s soundstage.

Maps and Locations

  • Improved the appearance of the “Zipangu” Port.
  • Removed waterfalls on the “Estuary” map.

Carried out modifications to the following maps:

  • Neighbors: the geometry of the island in the upper part of the map was changed due to balance considerations.
  • The Atlantic: the island with the decorative air field on it was moved to another location on the map.
  • Reworked the appearance of the “Fault Line” and “Two Brothers” maps. This was done to raise the aesthetic quality of these rather old maps to the quality level of our new maps.


To improve the balancing of teams and reduce the number of balance-related issues, we have decided to limit the maximum difference between Tiers of ships in a Division. For now, this difference is set to one Tier. For example, a Division of two Tier V Kirov cruisers and one Tier VI Fuso battleship will be able to enter battle. However, if the Fuso player instead chooses the Tier VII battleship Nagato, then this Division will be blocked from entering.

Colour blind Mode

Added a mode that supports adaptation of the colour palette for players with the corresponding colour-vision deficiencies. To enable this mode, select the suitable option via the settings screen. There are three available options for the corresponding syndromes:

  • Deuteranopia (green blindness)
  • Protanopia (red blindness)
  • Tritanopia (blue blindness)

The intensity of the corresponding effect can be customised.

Other Changes and Improvements

Permanent Camouflage

Added permanent camouflages for Bismarck, North Carolina, Benson, and Chapayev:

  • Cost: 3,000 Doubloons.
  • Battle performance bonuses: -3% to detectability range; +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy attacking the ship mounting this camouflage.
  • Economy bonuses: -5% to the ship’s post-battle repair cost; +50% to XP earned in the battle.

Secondary Battery Mechanics

From now on, secondary guns will not cause any damage to allied ships.

Shell Normalisation

In the game, shell normalisation is the number of degrees by which an armour piercing shell “turns” upon contact with armour, in an attempt to reach the most advantageous penetration angle—90 degrees. Previously, this parameter was set up individually for each shell type, depending on its ballistics and other properties. However, this approach added several unclear aspects to the way the damage model works in the game. Starting with this update, the normalisation will be set up uniformly for all armour piercing shell types and will depend only on the shell calibre:

  • Up to and including 139 mm—10 degrees
  • 140 to 152 mm—8.5 degrees
  • 153 to 240 mm—7 degrees
  • 241 mm and more—6 degrees

This change has been made in a systematic manner and will slightly increase the predictability of armour penetration for players. It is not aimed at changing the efficiency of individual ships and will not have any significant impact on gameplay.

Cyclone Changes

We have made the following adjustments to the timings of Cyclones, in order to make them slightly more predictable:

 Parameter 0.5.9 0.5.10
 Cyclone Start Time Third to ninth minute of the battle (start time was  selected at random) Seventh minute of the battle
 Cyclone  Duration Four to ten minutes (duration was selected at  random) Five to seven minutes (duration is still selected at random)

The overall chance of a Cyclone, when playing with a ship of an appropriate Tier, remains unchanged (10%).

Improvements for Novice Players

As part of our attempts to improve the game experience for novice players, we have made the following changes to all Tier I ships:

  • Only one shell type — practice shell — will now be available for ships of this Tier. Its properties are exactly the same as that of the HE shells.
  • Tier I ships will now only encounter ships of the same Tier.
  • Removed researchable main battery modules and added researchable Gun Fire Control System modules.
  • For ships characteristics scaling amount of HP and shell’s damage has been decreased by 50%

Testing of New Ships

Prinz Eugen and ARP Nachi were added to the game client for testing by developers and supertesters. These ships are not available for purchase and research, but players may encounter them in battle.

Further Changes and Improvements

  • Chapayev: fixed the catapult display.
  • Arpeggio ships: fixed some effects for these vessels.
  • North Carolina: fixed the model of its navigation light and radars.
  • Texas: fixed the look of the shadow cast by the radar stanchion.
  • Dmitri Donskoi: fixed the visualisation of its bottom and added missing decorative objects.
  • Wakatake: fixed dynamic rendering of shadows cast by its hull.
  • Colorado: fixed the visual artefact at the junction of textures on its hull.
  • Königsberg: improved the main-turret models for its top configuration.
  • Furutaka: fixed the visualisation of the range finder.
  • Marblehead: fixed the visualisation of some decorative objects and rigging.
  • New Orleans, Ibuki, Königsberg, Shokaku, Tashkent, Shchors, and Moskva: fixed the visualisation of some decorative objects at low graphics quality settings.
  • Svietlana: fixed the visualisation of the antennas.
  • Bogatyr: fixed the visualisation of the ropes and ladder near its aft main turret.
  • Kirov: fixed the radar model.
  • Molotov: added a rotation animation for the Redut-K radar antenna.
  • Admiral Hipper: fixed the visualisation of the shadow cast by the range finder.
  • Nagato: fixed the positioning of the boat on its port side (the boat’s nose had previously been pointed astern).
  • Introduced the multicluster system in order to increase game stability and decrease server maintenance downtime.
  • Compressed the files for the “Two Brothers” and “Fault Line” maps, as well as various flags, and camouflages, in order to optimise the size of the game client.
  • Countdown before battle start has been decreased from 60 to 45 seconds due to loading optimizations.

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