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World of Warships Official EU Q&A

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Wargaming Europe Community Coordinator Ph3lan has announced that WG EU will be doing an official World of Warships Q&A.


  • You can ask questions regarding gameplay, forum, developer plans, etc…
  • Before asking a question please check the thread to see if it has been answered before
  • If your question wasn’t chosen this week you may post it again if you think it will get more votes next time
  • Vote on the questions you like to help them make it to the top 5
  • We will try to answer as many questions as possible but it’s essential to understand the following:
    • Some answers may be too broad/general
    • It’s likely that questions about buffs or nerfs to specific ships won’t be answered.
    • The Q&A will have a two week cycle and if we can get an answer that’s the wait time you can expect (if we don’t know the answer straight away)
    • General forum rules apply here as well
    • You can only ask questions, leave the answers to us (no commenting on other player’s questions either)
    • Try to come up with a question that you think might be interesting to other players as well, since each week only the Top 5 posts (based on likes) will be chosen.

If you want to post any questions, just visit the official post in the EU Forum.


Thanks to Stefan Ba for letting me know that there is a topic in all supported languages as for now.

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