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World of Tanks Streamer Poshybrid Passed Away

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Hello everyone,

With great sadness I’ve received the news that Brian PoshybridVigneault, NA Streamer and member of FAME has passed away.

Brian Vigneault Facebook Picture

Poshybrid was doing a 24h Make-a-Wish Children Charity Stream, when about 22 hours in he started to feel unwell. From what I was able to find, he left for a smoke and never returned to the stream. Later he had emergency services called to his house and the stream was cut off. A friend of Poshybrid received the news while streaming and my good friend TcFreer announced it on Twitter.

Clan FAME also confirmed the sad news with an announcement on their Facebook page.

Sad news from Virginia beach , one of the most famous NA streamers and a member of our clan Poshybrid has passed away at the age of 35 , we just can not find words to describe how sad is this moment for all of us and for sure this game will not be the same without the legend.Maybe the saddest lines can not really be written , and the saddest thoughts can not really be uttered , let’s all hope that he is in a better place right now and may his soul Rest in Peace , he will never be forgotten … a person who stays in our hears never dies…

Poshybrid Twitch Channel got taken down temporarily because he was supposed to have fallen asleep. Many followers and friends were hopping he just had fallen asleep and everything was fine, unfortunately this was not the case.

To all his family, friends and followers, my deepest condolences on your loss. I wish he is in a better place, resting and contemplating us from the stars above.

His channel is now back online and you can get the latest update by typing !info. The latest update I got was the following.

Known info so far: Around 3:30AM CST Poshy said he was going for smokes and left the stream running, He never returned. around 11AM CST we were all still here assuming he had fallen asleep. around 19:00 Sorelor sees him online in discord and messages him. The person who responded identified himself as a detective and asked Sore to call him. Sore spoke wiht him, Called the Virginia Beach police department to confirm the detectives identity. The detective confirmed Brian had passed.

It saddens me even more to think he was 35 years old and leaves behind three kids. The World can be such an unfair place, where people who help others doing what they like the most are taken away from their loved ones… I can’t even imagine how my wife and daughter would feel if it was me.

My only wish now is that Brian is never forgotten and will always be remembered by his family and friends, because he will always live in their hearts.

“If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them.”
—James O’Barr

15,466 thoughts on “World of Tanks Streamer Poshybrid Passed Away

  1. Remember not your view’s, but remember the work for good – the 13k for Vet’s and Children’s Charities he raised and the countless hours he gave to us as a community. Going to miss him so much, the advice, the guidance and the toons 🙁

  2. 35, enjoying life, playing WoT and generally being a good human being. It makes you think about how precious life is and unfortunately for some it gets cut short.

    I’m really sorry to read this and I wish his family and followers my condolences .

  3. Damn was only playing with him the other night when he was blasting away in his T57, sad sad day, many many condolences to his family and friends 🙁

  4. Did anybody actually called for police report to confirm it ? The story about detective turning on discord and telling random person on the internet somebody is dead seems a bit silly…

  5. He’s so much happier in that photo then he seemed to be when streaming. Not to cast aspersions on the dead but the rank and file of WoT NA players drove him crazy and as good a tanker as he was I tended to keep away from him when I was in the same match with him because of his propensity for TK’ing.

    He also smoked like a chimney when smoking so his death should act as an awful warning; it’s a damn shame he left three kids behind.

  6. “He also smoked like a chimney when smoking so his death should act as an awful warning; it’s a damn shame he left three kids behind.”

    Meant when “streaming.”

    Still a waste to just drop dead at 35.

  7. That is tripping me out… I live in Virginia Beach… His family… So sad.

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