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World of Tanks Gets Its Own Comic

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Hello everyone,

World of Tanks is getting it’s own Comic. Firs issue will be out August 31, both in comic book retailers and digitally at This hard-hitting story, written by Garth Ennis (Preacher, War Stories, The Punisher), is a historically-based war tale, skilfully illustrated by the renowned Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, War Stories Vol. 2). Each issue is wrapped in the epic cover art of Isaac Hannaford (Halo: Reach, The Punisher) and is bursting to the seams with explosive action.

Set during the epic tank battles of 1944, which proved to be pivotal to the outcome of the war, World of Tanks: Roll Out follows a crew of young British tankers as they push deeper into post-D-Day Normandy, toward a battalion of seasoned German armoured units. Flanked and tracked by Axis forces at almost every turn, the inexperienced British tankers traverse a battle-scarred France, while the danger around them escalates and the outcome of the war hangs in the balance.


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  1. don’t forget that console world of tanks also is able to buy the tank from sept 1st till sept 15th. and it comes with a special skill snakebite Improves your gunner’s accuracy by reducing dispersion by 5% when fully trained. (Skill more effective when combined with Vertical Stabilizer, Snap Shot, Smooth Ride).

    oh and the cromwell snakebite is a tier 6 british light tank that can do 80 km

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