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World of Tanks – Developers Q&A – 11/08/2016

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Hello everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank Anatoliy ‘panzerassassin2014‘ Okolita for translating this for the blog from the Russian sources. He will be the blogs Russian translator, bringing us more and more information with accurate translations.

Latest Developers Q&A, nothing new to add up, but a few funny questions and answers.

Mikahil Jivets (Storm) answers in LiveJournal (probably his last time):

Q: There has been no feedback, about bugs or deadlines. Why?

A: There won’t be much feedback for now sadly.

Q: Can you introduce in the game, an automatic restoration of premium vehicles sold or at least more than just one though support?

A: I don’t have any information about that.

Q: First – why don’t you introduce in the RU Cluster the possibility of restoring premium vehicles within the client? The NA Server has this feature.

Second – Why a player (even worse a blogger) was forgiven for the use of illegal mods (aimbot)? Do you want other players think anything is allowed and start using illegal mods?

A: I can’ answer that. First I don’t have information about it, second I have the right to answer.

Q: Slave said during a stream that the next patch is coming out in September, I just have one question, why release a raw patch (9.15.1) full of bug from the test, if a complete patch could be done, tested and launched after the tanks anniversary?

A: Because the majority of changes are better released in several parts, instead of just one.

Q: Your treatment to players from the RU Server is like “cattle”, and it’s only natural. In Europe and EUA people have more dignity, are intelligent and educated. Here the majority  are alcoholics, schoolkids, losers or bandits. In the RU Server only 2% of players are good. Wargaming knows this and that’s why EU and NA Servers get better promotions, prizes are bigger than here and there isn’t as much rage in the Forum. If they tried to do what you did (with Alina_Rin) where first you gave her a perma ban and a month later you CANCELLED IT, an American court would be on top of them for tricks like that! They wouldn’t allow Wargaming to be so disrespectful for their players. But here, anything is allowed because we are “cattle”.

A: See you later. Write a complaint to the UN or to the United Nations.

Q: A player asked if Storm if everything is OK between him and WG.

A: I just will have to leave tanks for now, I won’t be 24/7 on them any more. I’m not leaving the Company, I not resigning nor I was ever been fired. Everything is OK between me and Wargaming.

Az1mt replies on the Sandbox Forum:

Q: Sandbox is now closed. I would like to be able to discuss what conclusions the developers got after the first month of tests.

A: We need more time for this, we are still preparing everything. We will publish our conclusions in the portal, so don’t miss it. It’s just taking a bit of time because we want to release it to all regions at the same time.

Q: There was a small (4,2mb) patch. What is it?

A: Something that changed, a plugin that was added. Like we said before, work on the Sandbox it’s still going but is currently hidden from the players.

“We are currently working on a new version of rebalancing, and it’s planned to be better than the previous one.”

Q: Low tier battles are not interesting…

A: I feel your pain, bro.

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