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World of Tanks – Aimbot YouTube Drama

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A few days ago Maxwell shared a video where he showed a player using aimbot. I saw the video and he was careful enough to hide the players name, so it wouldn’t be classified as Name and Shame. He made the video using the players replay, that himself send to Maxwell to show a great battle normal cheater’s battle he had.

Now that Maxwell made him famous,  anonymously and no-one actually knows his name but still famous, what he did was he went to YouTube and claimed the Copyright on the video. Why? Because he was reported to Wargaming and he didn’t want to be banned, so in his mighty intelligence, thought could hide by taking down the video.

The video was taken down, but it’s a false claim. The replay was uploaded to, that belongs to Wargaming and Maxwell did the video himself. This also means that, once its proven that he doesn’t actually own the video, he faces accusations of perjury, which is a crime.

In my honest opinion, this guy will have what he deserves. I saw the video and he was using Aimbot and actually bragging of being a great player. He got caught, panicked and now did an even bigger mess.

Wargaming will have to do something about it, this is becoming a bigger and bigger issue. When I did my articiles on the World of Aimbot and reported the player to Wargaming, their initial reaction was “nah, you can’t use cheats in our game”. And after all the noise that those posts made, they actually started to take replays and analyse them. And believe it or not, they actually ban people for the use of Aimbot.

The problem with this: they have to see the original replay.

Oh well, another day in World of Tanks.


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