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Win a Type 59 with Mighty Jingles

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Always wanted a Type 59? Will do anything for one? I meet him in person, he is a nice guy and he needs no introductions, as he is the Mighty Jingles. Funny enough he reached 500,000 Subscribers in his YouTube channel for the second time… Yes, second time. YouTube cleared some user accounts and the majority of channels lost a few followers, and when I say a few in some cases where more than Jingles has as followers.

But back to Jingles, he is running a contest where he asks his subscribers to create a video and upload it to YouTube. Then you just need to send him an email with your details and you can be one of the lucky ones to win:

  • World of Tanks Video Prizes:
    • 3x – Type 59
    • 3x – Type 62
    • 6 x – Type 64
  • World of Warships Video Prizes:
    • 6 x – Sims
    • 6 x – Yubari
    • 10 x – 25x economic flags + 3 days premium codes

Yes, you have read it right. Three Type 59 are going to be given away, one of the most wanted tanks in World of Tanks and if you want one, just visit Jingles channel for more details.


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