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Welcome to The Daily Bounce 2.0

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A fresh new look and start just before the first anniversary.

Hello everyone,

And welcome to The Daily Bounce 2.0! A fresh new layout, sleeker and clean. Easy to use and more organized. There are still a few tweaks to do, but the major changes have been done.

Whats New?



A new menu is now available, should now be easier for everyone to find the main topics and explore new areas. Also, all Social Media links are now located there too, together with the Search function.

Featured News


All featured news will now be displayed first. Never miss the latest leak from your favorite game.

News Area


In here you will be able to find all the latest news. From World of Tanks, to World of Warships and even other games. And if you missed something, or just want to explore older news, you still can by clicking on Older Posts.

Smaller Sidebar


A smaller and more compact sidebar, with the most important information available and our Partners. Don’t miss the brand new Daily Bounce Invite Code! If you have a friend that is just about to start playing World of Tanks or World of Warships, please give them The Daily Bounce Invite Code so they can receive a few goodies.

Featured Footer


With brand new features, the Footer became an important area of the blog. With interesting links and the Archives, here you can find all the extra info you need.

But this isn’t all. The main area is now bigger, making articles easier to read. Comment section is also bigger and better organized. Each Author will have their bio in each article, making it easier for you to know a little bit more about us. There are loads of new smaller features and we hope you enjoy them all.

What are your thoughts?

Do you like the new layout? Would you like something to be improved? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comment section.


15,466 thoughts on “Welcome to The Daily Bounce 2.0

  1. I can’t even express how much I hate this. I’m just going to visit other wot news sites now :/

  2. I liked the old layout much more. It was simple, effective and had a nice and somewhat unique style. This is just too heavy and bloated, possibly designed for a much bigger news site with articles coming out in every 10 minutes, written by multiple authors.

  3. Looks nice and “Modern” either you like this or hate it 😉 Some tips: #1 News section – looks like you have some space for “news abstract” which is not in your old posts and there for every news has a big blank white field; either remove the field or lower the height of “.archive-grid .hentry” to 345px. #2 set up an RSS-feed to accomodate the folks who dont like this new layout. #3 it is not obvious that you can get categoriesed news by clicking on the red category tags (i.e. clicking on the red [World of Tanks] gives you only WoT-news

  4. #4 each news page has a bit too much “modernities” on top, it looks sleek but you always has to scoll down a bit or press one PgDown to start reading the stuff you wanted to see.

  5. (sry for not thinking before writing…)
    #4 cont.: perhaps put the main news image in the news header (where the news title is) instead of the page header

  6. I’ve removed the Featured Image posts, I’m trying to find how to “add” text in the front page, because I got practically everything filled up and still just shows images. :\

  7. To be frankly honest … this isn’t better at all. 🙁

  8. For me it’s clean and beautiful 🙂
    I’m visiting TDB via smartphone, so can’t tell about desktop browsing, but via smartphone is faster and stabilized than used to be before 🙂
    Cheers and keep it up!

  9. loving the new site gents really stands out and informative Well done!

  10. Ps I absolutely love the Detailed reviews of the ships (only interested in wows) very in depth and have told many ppl about how good it is. Layout is neat clear and precise!

  11. Glad you like it. I’m trying to improve all content so it looks more professional 🙂 but with my grammar, it might take some time AHAHAH 😀

  12. Can’t please everyone :\ And you are free to visit any website. Main idea is to get “away” from the blog look and go more into a news website. Further improvements will come.

  13. The idea is to get away from a “blog” look, and into more of a news website. More authors are going to write, got a few more new things coming up. I liked the previous look, I always thought it was very unique compared to other blogs, but I believe this is a set forward into a better website.

  14. The blog look was totally fine and functional, all you needed to do with the blog to make it better was improve usage of tags to make searching for older posts easier. All this does is have a ton of wasted whitespace and giant pictures that I don’t care about, and buries the information behind further clicks.

    There’s also only 6 articles on the main page that you can see without having to click “older posts” and then a giant footer that looks terrible. It was much easier to just scroll down than it is to scroll, then click to show older posts only to get 6 more articles, then scroll and have to click again……trying to pull up an older post is more frustrating than ever now. Previous layout just let you scroll without having to click into each article to see some basic info.

    Don’t sacrifice function for form please. I had recently turned to TheDailyBounce as my main WG news source but if its a pain to navigate and actually find the info because of the layout then I guess I’ll keep looking.

  15. Like I said, some areas are still WIP, and will be improved. Regarding the “scroll down” I liked that too, reason why I left the old design for practically a year, but I think having such design its not good in the long term. The page needed to “evolve” into something more “professional looking”. There are certain areas who need to be improved and I will make sure to get this done. But to go back to a “scroll down blog” is not something I want to do. I’m currently waiting for the creator to tell me if its possible to add more than 6 “articles” plus some text as a resume.

  16. Updated
    – Footer has been completely emptied.
    – Sidebar has been revamped, new banners, only the partners need to be updated.
    – Front page now displays 16 posts, instead of 6.
    – When pressing “Older Posts” 16 posts get added to the page.
    – Search added to Sidebar.
    – Some widgets only show in the Front Page.

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