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Wargaming Contributors Meeting in Minsk

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Before you think I’m just lazy to post any articles, or that I somehow decided to go incognito, I’ve decided to give you all a quick heads up: I’m going to Minsk!


From 16 February to 18 February, I will be visiting Wargaming Minsk office to have a Contributor’s Meeting, where I and other Contributors will have the opportunity to talk and discuss ideas with World of Tanks developers.

As per usual, articles will come later than usual but I’ll keep posting everything as it comes out. And I will, of course, post all the information I am allowed to share with you all in an article later next week. Keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook, as I will be posting small updates there and pictures of my travellings.

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15,466 thoughts on “Wargaming Contributors Meeting in Minsk

  1. Please try to find out the % of lopsided wins/losses (more than say a 7 tank difference) and try to suggest fixing MM to address them, like maybe using player rating to tier players and add that to MM.

  2. This has been looked into already (by players, so I imagine the devs must’ve looked into it as well with their data) and the effort and longer queues are not worth it. You get few percent less of lopsided battles (10+ difference, like 20 % of them instead of 25 %) and it even doesn’t improve the number of balanced matches (5- difference), it moves to 5 – 10 difference tier.

    And psychologically, players won’t even notice they get lopsided win/loss every 5th game instead of every 4th game. They would notice only if they were gone or maybe lowered to below 10 % – and either option is impossible without WG actively rigging the battles and helping the currently losing team.

  3. Could you adress about the matchmaker and the relevance of some tanks as the WZ-120, T-32-2, Tiger 2, Leopard 1.. and the list goes on.. I am getting fed up with wargaming not just fixing these obvious ****ty tanks. Why already focussing on a new mechanic of the Italians, while they complete forget about older interesting lines that need major love.

  4. Hey if you can, please ask they what they are doing about platoon matchmaking and matchmaking in general. i mean grinding credits/ tanks in a platoon has been very painful when you are bottom tier all the time.

  5. Try and find out how much premium is shot at tier 10 instead of the general 5% we all know is BS.
    Also 5-10 should be default template 😉

  6. adress the issue of game balance, at all coast
    among the balancing factors are :
    -gold shell spam
    -OP tanks : Super Conqueror, Badger, AMX M4 51 and 54, obj.268 v4, obj. 430U
    -weak tanks : high tier light tanks, obj.263, black prince, sweedish meds
    -more maps

    also you must speak for new personal missions campaigns

  7. Did you heard that?
    Sebastianul butt just exploded in hatered fire 😀

  8. It would be easy to do, you tier the players based on their PR (0-1k, 1k1-2k, 2k1-3k,3k1-4.5k, 4.5k1-6k, 6k+) then you put into MM players at the same tier for about 15-30 seconds, then move to +/-1 for 15-30 seconds, then +/2, then all players. This would barely affect queue times and would provide for more balanced player matchups which would reduce the number lopsided battles more than 10%.

  9. If you can , please bring up the idea of adjusting the Leopard 1 med line as follows:
    ·Remove the Indean Panzer
    ·Move the Leopard Pta to tier 8
    ·Move the Leopard 1 tho tier 9
    ·Add the Leopard 1 A1A1 as the new tier 10

  10. You can try whatever matchmaking you want, it wont help if there is so many imbalanced maps which gives m***ive advantage to one side

  11. The STRV-103B was build in the 70’s and it’s in the game. So it would be possible for the A1A1

  12. The PR is crap.
    I had 10k battles, in an older era, around 700wn8 with 46% WR. Yes a total tomato.
    After 2-3 years break, i came back. This time i was serious. I studied the mechanics, looked some youtube streamers etc. Now my wn8 is around ~1700-1800, and my WR more than 54%.
    Guess what. My stats rise SO slow,that even after 2k battles with this stats, im barely at 48% WR, and 1000WN8 overall.
    It really doesnt matter. It is a mess, and doesnt worth.

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