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Veroxx: New World of Tanks Author

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Hello there!

I am Vexx,  an awkward person greatly interested in all things combat, tanks and military history, and I am pleased to announce I will be joining The Daily Bounce as a new author here!

I have several years of experience writing about Wargaming products in other blog-type projects and have honed my writing skills about Tanks and other combat vehicles during this time. Hopefully, the sharpness of my quill will prove to be interesting to all of you. With the community’s feedback, we can produce great quality articles everyone can enjoy.

You can expect many World of Tanks news reports, written articles about all things World of Tanks such as beginner’s guides, history of tanks, critical analysis of new features and many reviews as well as potentially some interesting proposals.

This has been Veroxx, and I will see you all soon!

15,466 thoughts on “Veroxx: New World of Tanks Author

  1. Saw your article on the other page and got a bit sad at your departure, glad you’re joining TDB!

  2. Welcome, lets all have a good time discussing Tier VIII premiums and nonsensical balance patches!

  3. I have no doubt why you left that cancer site 😉 That “S” man is piece of trash person, he steal info from other sites, don’t post source and delete comments which mention that.
    It’s good to see you in normal community Veroxx 🙂

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