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T-44-100 Mission Available on NA Server

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Hello everyone,

So here is a nice surprise for the NA Server, I hope we can get this in the EU Server also. Ever heard of the T-44-100? Yeah? Remember that tank that was only available on the RU Server if you signed a contract with a mobile company and recently has been given away for free on the SEA Server, for a usual month grind mission?

Well, it can be yours if you play on the NA Server. Here’s the details:

Ace Challenge – Rheinmetall Skorpion

Get the highest base experience in a single battle while commanding a Rheinmetall Skorpion G and you take home the T-44-100. The top five players of the week will be determined on August 19 and August 26.

It’s as simple as that, get the highest XP and get a really rare and cool tank added to your garage. Good luck everyone.

T-44-100 Pictures

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