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Support the Blog – Ads, Donations & Patreon

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Greetings everyone,

I have spent the last week thinking if I should or not do this post, but I believe it won’t do any harm and maybe it will explain a little bit more my current situation.

I’ve started The Daily Bounce just as a hobby, didn’t expect or planned for it to become how big it is now. The idea of creating a blog started back in October/November 2015, while talking with some friends they tried to get me to start a blog about World of Tanks. Instead of starting one straight away, I joined another blog thinking it would be easier, rather than “just another blog” I could try to contribute to a team. Unfortunately due to family and job-related issues I had to stop and leave.

Things changed a few months later and this time I decided to start something of my own, wife was against it at first but soon realized it was something for me to do aside from playing World of Tanks.

Ever since I started, it never stopped growing, to a point Wargaming decides to invite me to Wargaming Fest 2016 and to their Community Contributor Program. While the journey has been amazing so far, a few expenses have been coming my way and unfortunately, these are getting a bit bigger every month.

With trips to events like Wargaming Fest, Tiger Day, WGL Grand Finals in London and upcoming Tankfest, I’ve had to spend more and more money in order to do them. Also, the time I’ve spend doing articles, looking for information and making more contacts, are costing me time with my family with little return at the moment. The hosting service is not ideal and I plan to move to a better service, meaning I will have more expenses to move and then the monthly upkeep of the blog.

Like I said, The Daily Bounce it’s still my hobby, I have a full-time job, so does my wife, but some extra income is always welcome in order to do more things for the blog.

Currently, I run adverts, income isn’t great, but just enough to get some bills paid and to keep going. My ultimate goal would be to run the blog without any adverts but to achieve this, some readers would need to either Contribute or become Patroons.

What am I asking?

What I’m asking from you is to help out the way you can. Currently, more and more people are unblocking the adverts, meaning I’m getting more income while running them. All you need to do is to disable your adblocker in order to see the adverts.

Yes, it’s free and risk-free to do so and you are helping me out.

But for those of you, who can afford and want to help out a little more, would you consider becoming a Patron or make a Donation?


Of course, I’m asking only those of you who can afford to, and if you want you can start with $1.00 a month. The more of you there are, the easier it would become for me to work more and more on the blog.

I’ll like to thank everyone that is currently already supporting the blog, either running the ads or to all those who already made a donation. And to all of you who might become a Patron or do a donation: Thank YOU! Without you all, the Readers and Supporters I wouldn’t be able to be here.