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Sandbox Server: Temporarily Paused

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Wargaming has collected a huge amount of statistics and feedback, both of which they’ll need to analyse now. Due to this, the Sandbox server will be shut down on the 21st July 10:00 CEST temporarily.

Wargaming: The development team is thanking everyone who took part in testing, wrote commentaries and asked interesting questions.

In the next week, we’ll tell you about which conclusions we made and which thoughts occurred after processing the information. We’ll also tell what to expect in future iterations of the Sandbox. Watch the news!

We can already say as much: the next step will be adding tier 8 and 9 tanks. We plan to fix most of the bugs found by you and continue work on game mechanics which were already implemented. More information about the changes and launch date will come in the future.

Q: You said the test would last for a long time but you stopped after one month already, why?

A: In addition to work on the Sandbox, we must also have to further develop and support the live servers. Therefore, we decided to pause the Sandbox to analyse the information obtained from the test, focus on the tasks on the live servers and resume running Sandbox after tuning Tier VIII, IX and X tanks based on the collected data.

Q: Why can’t you leave the server open while you carry working on balance?

A: We don’t want to disperse the players attention, since there will be a new patch and other news.

Q: What will happen to the forum?

A: The Forum will continue to work, because we need time to analyse the data collected from the players. Also, we’ll publish more information about changes on the Sandbox: on what parameters and reasons for those changes, as we want players to understand why they were done.

Q: Pausing the Sandbox, does it mean Tier X balance corresponded to the expectations?

A: Not exactly: the current balance is acceptable in order to continue testing with Tier VIII and IX, in order to adjust the balance between different tiers.

Q: Current penetration, precision and penetration loss over distance, are these values final?

A: No, this rebalance is not final1. These parameters were only tested in Tier X battles. To approve and make a final decision on these parameters, we have to see how Tier VIII and IX perform.

Q: Will players lose all results and achievements after the Sandbox is stopped?

A: Detailed information will be available shortly before the start of the next stage.

Q: Will current participants of Sandbox, be able to participate in the second stage of testing?

A: Access to the Sandbox will be available for all players who have it at the moment.

Q: What are the requirements players need to participate in the next stage?

A: Decisions to change criteria for selection will be taken before the start of next stage.

Q: Can you announce the approximate date for the start of the next stage?

A: As long the date is not final, we’re won’t announce it yet. But it’s planned for for the middle of Autumn.

Q: Why can’t you give access to all players?

A: Firstly, there are the technical limitations of the server and we can’t allow access to everyone. Secondly, we have to attract different segments of players at different times, and this is particularly important when testing Tier VIII, IX and X. Despite these limitations, we hope that that everybody who wishes to play on the Sandbox server will get such opportunity.

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