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Quick Update and More Changes!

2 min read

Greetings reader!

A few months ago, we made a decision of removing Ads from the blog and get our support just from Patreon. While Patreon was allowing us to pay for a few expenses, it was never enough to cover it all. We have recently changed hosting services again, and while the costs are more affordable, we would also like to hire more Authors to bring more content to you.

Based on this, we decided to bring Ads back and see if we can get a little more funding, that would allow us to get at least one extra Author. This goes without saying, that you are welcome to use Ad-Blockers and not see any of them, but we are trying to keep them to a minimum so they aren’t intrusive. But if you would like to help us without having to spend any of your money, simply disable Ad-Block for The Daily Bounce and that’s it!

We hope you understand these changes, and please let us know your opinion or maybe even some ideas where we can improve!

Have a great day!