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On my way to Wargaming Minsk Office

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Not many knew about this, but now all of you will know: I’ve been invited by Wargaming to visit their office in Minsk, Belarus.


Why am I going there? Well, several other Community Contributors and I have been invited to visit their office and to have an exclusive preview of new upcoming things. I can’t share much more than that for now, but as you all know, you will be the first ones to get the information as soon as I can publish.

Expect posts to come later on the day, as I’m travelling today, attending an event tomorrow, and returning to London on Friday. But that’s not all, on Saturday I’ll be travelling to Portugal for a few days, so as per usual, I’ll be posting but later on the day.

Don’t forget, keep an eye on my Facebook, Twitter and Discord, where I’m going to share pictures and a few other things as the day goes along.

15,466 thoughts on “On my way to Wargaming Minsk Office

  1. Can you ask them about STG rebalance? To readers: don’t ask why, I don’t have time to answer this now.

  2. In short: balancing a normal MM tank like it has preferential MM is never a good idea. It does not appeal even tk unicums, nobody is playing this now after a week. WG is so afraid of ,,unbalanced cry” that they went overboard in oppoaite direction. But obviously everyone is happy since it’s so uderperformin that everybody calls it an easy target to kill. Actually the problem with this tank is alot deeper than only it’s statistics but its not a place forsuch essays. I personally got 59%w/r after 200 battles with STG but it was faaar faaaar from fun to play(fun was WG’s argument for buffinf t44’s and t54 proto so you know….)

  3. To make things worse it earns credits like let’s say Cromwell B or t34-85m. Sorry for typos in the previous comment, I was using my phone.

  4. It isnt balanced like a preferential MM, I think the problem you are experiencing is that for a change it isnt OP and the rubbish MM right now, makes that feel even worse.
    But look at it, its an accurate, quite high pen and high alpha gun on a somewhat mobile, quite flexible, very stealthy and has decent enough view range. Like the only thing that really sucks is the hull armour, but if you can go hulldown you can quite easily peek-a-boom with your superior gun handling.
    Its no Skorp G/Defender etc. but thats a good thing they are bad for the game. I would say its netter than the mod 1 though, except when the mod 1 is top tier ;p

  5. And as a small addition the STG and STG guard have a higher WR on VBaddict than the patriot so it isnt that bad…

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