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Naval Battles in War Thunder: Closed Beta test – later this year!

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Hello everyone,

Gaijin announced today the upcoming of Naval Battles in War Thunder. No specific dates yet, but they are promising “soon”.

“The participants of the upcoming naval battles closed beta will be called the “Knights of the Sea”. Made up of torpedo, artillery and missile boats, coast guard vessels and submarine chasers, this so-called “small” naval contingent served in all oceanic theatres of the World War II era.”

Naval Battles Starter Packs

The first Starter Pack includes the Soviet Project 1124 Armored River Boat with the unguided rocket launcher, the legendary Katyusha. The second starter pack includes the famous American PT-109, a motor torpedo boat on which the future US President John F. Kennedy commanded and performed acts of wartime heroism. Both ships will be available at the start of the closed beta testing as will other nations vessels.

Naval Battles Q&A

Q:  When is the closed test due to begin?
A: Closed testing of naval battles will begin this year.

Q: How can you get into the closed beta?
A: Closed Beta Testing will involve invited guests, as well as the owners of the two starter sets with unique boats, which are already available for pre-order in the Gaijin.Store. To learn how to get into the closed test team, we will update later.

Q: When will the open test start?
A: Open testing is planned for 2017.

Q: What types of boats will be added and for which nations?
During the closed test, we will gradually fill the naval line which will take us to the start of the open test where we anticipate having enough boats of all 5 ranks for every major nation. We also plan to add new naval modes and locations for the closed test.

Q: Will larger ships (cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers) be available for player control? If not – why do we need torpedoes?
Larger vessels, while not available for control by players, but will be presented under the control of AI in some game modes. One of the main tasks of combat torpedo boats will be the destruction of larger ships. Player-controlled destroyers and other large ships may appear later, in other gamemodes, it will be decided based on results of closed beta.

Q: How will the vessels be researched?
Just as with aircraft and ground vehicles. In battles you may earn research points which will open new ships in the selected branch of the nation, as well as modules on the vehicles which were used in combat.

Question: The ships will be managed by the same crews, who now have the players? In other words, for existing crews will add a third specialization ship?
A: Yes, but only after the onset of the research branches.

Q: Will there be special locations for the vehicles?
A: Of course, sea battles will involve some new locations. In War Thunder, major maritime theatres of WWII will be represented: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans, as well as the Mediterranean.

Q: When will the CBT nation lineups be published?
After Gamescom.

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