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Merry Christmas – On my Way to Portugal


Hello everyone,

Today I’m going back to Portugal. Christmas and New Year is a time to spend with family, my wife and daughter are already there since the 14th and I can’t wait to see them again.

So, straight to the point: Posts! Won’t be many today. I will post the last day of the Advent Calendar as soon as I get home, and I might post some pictures from Wargaming Fest.

That’s it? Might you ask. Yes, in Portugal we celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so I won’t have time for nothing else, aside from food, drink and enjoy my time with my family of course!

That said, a Merry Christmas to you all, that you might enjoy these precious moments with the ones you love.



  1. Happy holidays to you and your family! Take some time off and enjoy yourself. All the best!

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