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Krasny Krym – Stats & Opinion

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Because the Krasny Krym seems to be of a “obscure” release from Wargaming, I’ve tried to find a Youtube video where we could see someone playing with it. And to my surprise, I couldn’t find one.

I found a Community Contributor video where he shares his opinion and actually says that no Contributors got this ship to test before it’s release. I’ll leave it here so you guys can see and get some conclusions for yourselves and some stats comparing the Krasny Krym with the Murmansk.

Krasny Krym Murmansk
Modifications IModifications II
Krasny KrymMurmansk
Propulsion: 50,000 hpPropulsion: 90,000 hp
GFCS V mod. 1GFCS V mod. 1
130 mm/55 B-7152 mm/53 Mk16/Mk13
Main Characteristics IMain Characteristics II
Hit Points2510026800Hit Points
AA Guns2728AA Guns
Armor IArmor Characteristics II
Hull Armor20 – 25 mm15 – 15 mmHull Armor
Citadel Armor25 – 75 mm76 – 76 mmCitadel Armor
Deck Armor20 – 25 mm13 – 37 mmDeck Armor
Extremity Armor10 – 75 mm10 – 10 mmExtremity Armor
Mobility IMobility II
Maximum Speed29 kts34 ktsMaximum Speed
Turning Radius590 m590 mTurning Radius
Rudder Shift Time7.2 s3.8 sRudder Shift Time
Artillery IArtillery II
Barrels per Gun11Barrels per Gun
Maximum Shell Dispersion126 m135 mMaximum Shell Dispersion
Rotation Time22.5 s24 sRotation Time
Distance13.5 km14.8 kmDistance
Fire Rate6.58.6Fire Rate
Max AP Damage25003100Max AP Damage
Max HE Damage19002200Max HE Damage
HE Burn Probability8%12%HE Burn Probability
Torpedoes ITorpedoes II
Tubes per Launcher33Tubes per Launcer
Caliber533 mm533 mmCaliber
Distance3.7 km8 kmDistance
Reload Time70 s69 sReload Time
Speed65 kts55 ktsSpeed
Rotation Time7.2 s7.2 sRotation Time
Maximum Damage1320014400Maximum Damage


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