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Holiday Mode Activated – Update#2

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Hello everyone,

I’m sorry for the lack of content, but have been quite busy and with very limited access to the Internet. Yesterday was my birthday and turning 30 brings a lot of responsibilities… not! Had a great day with the family and as typical Portuguese, ate loads.

While visiting family and going out to some places so we can relax, I didn’t have time to post anything. If have a few minutes spare today or tomorrow, I’ll post the latests pictures and stats of some new Swedish Tanks and some Japanese Destroyers.

While you wait, enjoy the rest of your Summer 🙂


15,466 thoughts on “Holiday Mode Activated – Update#2

  1. That reminds me that I had Portuguese food for my birthday not so long ago, and that food there was one of the best I’ve ever had, on top of that the service was excellent! Hope you had a great birthday, and have a great vacation.

  2. Still more content than any other blog *cough* Rita Status Report *cough*, post from FTR brought me here keep up the good work, awsome blog.

  3. Thanks for the support. I know Rita and I know she at the moment is going through some rough time in her personal life. I respect her and I can relate that she is doesn’t have time to post as much as some readers want. They have to understand that we are all people and we are not robots that are ready 24/7 to post.

  4. Portuguese food is great (not biased opinion :P). Portugal is a wonderful country to visit and discover. If you love food and deserts, even more reasons to come and visit Portugal.

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