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Four Months of Daily Bounce – 200,000 Visitors

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Hello everyone,

It’s been four months since I’ve started The Daily Bounce and it’s still is a surprise for me how it’s everything is going. In four months the blog reached the 220,000 visitors mark. More and more of you have are reaching out, at the moment I’m trying to get more Streamers and Youtubers into a project that might bring you even more exclusive content and a few other surprises I can’t disclosure right now. With this, I just want to say:

Thank you everyone!

P.S.: Don’t forget to share with your friends.

15,466 thoughts on “Four Months of Daily Bounce – 200,000 Visitors

  1. well done on getting those figures, ive been following you daily as you get more info and content up in good time rather than a certain other popular blog which only seems to get updated every couple of days if they can be arsed with it that is

  2. nice job i find this blog to be better then the other one and one of those other blogs the creator doesn’t seem to like ponies 😛

    so keep it up your doing great

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