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Finland Armour Museum

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This will officially be my first Special Cause post and I would like to ask to all of you, that can, to help out as much as you can, even if it’s just sharing this article and the crowdfunding link.

It came to my attention, while browsing the Official World of Tanks EU forum, that The Parola Armour Museum in Finland is doing a crowdfunding so they can preserve their impressive and unique collection of tanks. I have to say thank you to KarWajalka, from RSOP Clan, for the original forum post, where he is trying to make everyone, even Wargaming, aware of the museum cause. If it wasn’t for you, I would never know the museum is doing this. KarWajalka as spoken with Richard “The Challenger” Cutland about three years ago, when he was hosting a Wargaming Community event at the museum, but nothing has happened to today’s date unfortunately.

The museum tanks and vehicles have been rusting away outside, exposed to the elements for over 50 years now. They have tried to do a crowdfunding about a year ago, but failed to raise their goal. The current minimum goal is to raise 60,000€, if they don’t reach that goal all money will be returned to the funders, but the total goal is to raise 200,000€. For what you might ask?

Build a Tank shelter is the focus of the crowdfunding.

The museum mission is to maintain and assemble the history of Finnish armoured and anti-tank troops. This requires collecting the history and artefacts, recording, researching and restoration. One of the tasks is a display to the public and publishing activities of the branch. The Parola Armour Museum Foundation is a non-profit community and fulfils this mission.

The current funding allows all this to continue, but doesn’t allow any margin to help building a weather shelter for the exhibits. The collection is very unique and has rare tanks, some of actually the last one of its kind on display, without mentioning their history.


Overall budget to build two shelters is 400,000€, but the museum is only trying to raise 200,000€  with the crowdfunding campaign. Here is a more detailed steps:

Target: 60,000€

  • Will allow to finalise the earthmoving, groundwork of the first tank shelter and complete 20 meters of the first building.

Target: 120,000€

  • Complete another 20 meters of the building, total of 40 meters built.

Target: 200,000€

  • Fully complete (lower) tank shelter.

The funding of the upper shelter has been planned to be collected through a charity concert, direct donations, material donations and other possible supports to the museum. So, if you own a company, know some one who could help and want to support directly the museum, either with some money or even building materials, you can.

Also they have some packages, so if you donate certain amounts of money, you will receive something in return to thank you for your help. These packages can contain from a T-Shirt with a tank image if you do a 25€ donation, to 5,000€ package that has more stuff than I can even mention.

How can you help?

If you want to help, please visit the crowdfunding page where you can get more details, and on the right side you got a nice shining button that says “Fund”.

At no moment I am saying that you have to make any donation and if you are under age, please ask your parents permission to do any donation.

The campaign ends September, 30th 2016.

So let’s make as much “noise” as we all can, make Wargaming aware of this and maybe other people who could help this cause. Share this article, crowdfunding and the museum page, so the message can get to as many people out there as possible.


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