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Developers Q&A – 18/07/16

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A Developers Q&A just came out, been trying to translate this correctly, but missing a couple of questions. Some of the questions and answers didn’t make much sense, so I’m getting someone to have a look at it. For now, here it is:

Q: What’s the percentage of players using HD client?

A: Less than 50%.

Q: HD and SD client are different between client and server in landscape textures and geometry.

A: The SD and HD client geometry are identical, as all other settings are the same.


Q: Alpha damage in game is more often on the lower value, barely even gets the average damage value.

A: If you have played the game for a long time, you must have heard of tests, that were performed by players experiencing this issue. In short: not confirmed.

Q: Why there is still hidden parameters and coefficients?

A: Not such thing as hidden parameters and coefficients. To us that doesn’t make any sense to do such a thing.

Q: As soon as a developer says that “yes, there are hidden mechanisms in game that changes something” – many players will simply fell betrayed and deceived. I wouldn’t be surprised that you aren’t even aware how the game mechanisms work.

A: Again, there isn’t such mechanics, the game is random enough. And believe me, I know the mechanics and how they were planned and implemented in the game.

Q: The hangar interface on the second test, has a delay action after clicking.

A: Started to have a look right after the first report. Investigating.

Q: Two battles in a row! Please comment the odds of winning, if the player is at the bottom of the list, and if the opposite team has more high tiers than the player team?

A: Comment? Bad luck.

Q: You can’t say it’s “bad luck” when it’s an obvious problem in the current match making, especially the last point.

A: I can’t see any horrendous problems in the current match making,

Q: Is 9.15.1 coming out soon? I want to test T57 in HD, how much has it changed?

A: It’s coming out very soon. Changed slightly.

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