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Charity Stream: Thank you everyone!

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In the worse moments, humanity always comes together to help...

Help those who need, that was what we wanted to achieve with the Charity Stream and we did it. We have to be honest we didn’t expect to raise so much money, we set a goal of 250€, but we never did really expect to reach it. At the same time we thought “Why not? If we don’t it’s fine, even if we just raise 50€ it will help someone.”

Me and WizzDCast started the stream at 9:30pm CEST, together with a good friend of mine, Alexandre, a good friend that lives near by and could tell people what he saw. After explaining to everyone why we were doing the stream, we went on for about four hours, playing World of Warships and having fun together with many others from the Community.

Even before we started playing we almost reached our goal and two hours in we had over 400€ in the pot. In between the laughs and the remembrance of those who lost their lives in this tragedy, we came to an end with a total of 700€.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in, participated and donated we managed to get a little bit more money to help those who lost family, their house… everything they have.

We are all proud to be part of this community, that in these moments comes together and is capable of help others. We didn’t just stood there and did nothing, we didn’t just read the news and send our prayers to those affected, we got up and did something for them and that’s what we all should always do:

Make the World a better place by helping others, expecting nothing back.

Massive thanks to everyone who donated, shared the stream, tuned in to watch us having some fun, to Strefs, WG EU Community Contributor for joining us midway through, and everyone who where with us in the Divisions and Training Room.

We will post very soon more information to whom we gave the money, so you guys can rest assured it was well spend and reached those who really need it.