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Sponsored: Battle of Glory – Earn Cash while Playing World of Tanks

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Hello everyone,

I’m proud to announce another partnership, this time with Battle of Glory. But this is not just an ordinary partnership, it’s something that can give you some earnings while playing your favourite game: World of Tanks.


Who is Battle of Glory?

Battle of Glory (BoG) is the ultimate online gaming platform for eSports. Battle of Glory unites enthusiastic World of Tanks gamers from all over the world who are willing to play WOT tournaments against each other to receive the ultimate thrill in gaming.

Results will be automatically checked and the tournament winner receives the prize right after. Battle of Glory has been developed for eSports from gamers for gamers.

How does it work?

It’s very simple, you select the game you want to play, in this case World of Tanks, you sign up for a tournament for your level, and you win rewards. If you have 52% Win Rate you will be able to join tournaments that match that skill level, for example a 51-54%. This also ensures you won’t be matched against players that are a lot better than you, giving you a fair opportunity to win.

Each tournament has a number of battles you are required to play in order to calculate your points, typical tournaments are of 30 or 40 battles. Once the Start requirements are achieved, you will have a time frame to normally play World of Tanks.

Yes, normally! That means you play Random Battles alone or with your friends and you are already participating in the tournament. When the tournament finishes, the results are automatically calculated and if you are one of the winners, you will earn some Cash or Coins.

Once you reach a minimum value you are able to Cash Out and very soon you will be able to use Coins or Cash to buy Premium Time or In-Game Gold.

How can I participate?

First step is to create an account, it’s free, quick and simple. Then you need link your World of Tanks account, you don’t need to enter any personal details.


Battle of Glory uses Wargaming API to get the information it needs, just make sure you are logged in to your World of Tanks account.

Cick for Large Picture

Next step is to sign up for a tournament. If you press the Play button at the top of the page will take you directly to the Lobby. In here you are able to see a list of available tournaments available for you to participate.

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Tournaments can either be Free or have a small Buy In fee in the form of BoG Coins. You can participate in one Free and two Coin tournaments at the same time, so in total you can be playing random battles and your results will count for three tournaments.

The first thing you will notice is that each tournament has a percentage in the name, this where you can determine if you have the skill or not to participate. If you are with the Win Rate you can join, if not you will get a warning saying you can’t join.


If you want to check more details about a specific tournament, just click on Details and you will be able to see:



Time Table


Prize Breakdown




Scoring Structure


Once you join, just wait until the number of participants are enough and you will start earning some prizes.

Can you buy coins, is there any risks?

No, Battle of Glory offers you an opportunity to earn some cash and coins by participating in tournaments. You can’t buy coins, that means there is no risk for you to participate and lose money.

Is it legal to play for money?

Yes, Battle of Glory only offer games of skill, which don’t come within the gambling law. However they stick to the restrictions of the gambling law, so users can feel safe. Playing on Battle of Glory is restricted for players under the age of 18. If you don’t live in Germany, you need to follow the laws of your country.

Click Here To Register

If you are interested, just click the above link and you will get 200 Coins extra once you connect your game account with Battle of Glory.

Please note that by no means I am trying to force you to register or participate. This article only intention is to inform you of one way you can earn some cash with no risk involved while playing World of Tanks.

15,466 thoughts on “Sponsored: Battle of Glory – Earn Cash while Playing World of Tanks

  1. How does BoG make it’s money? Adds, or something else? Nothing in life is free…..

  2. I wouldn’t bother, especially if you aren’t exceptionally good, the russians roflstomp everytime (with 3k avg dmg in 30 matches t9 i get 10-50 out of 100)

  3. They currently have a sponsored gambling site tournament…

  4. I was wondering about that, too. No such thing as a free lunch. @ Harkonnen: this smells a bit too much like an add, and worse, an add for something which may very well turn out to be a scam.

  5. It’s not a scam. I use the website too, is that simple. They make money out of Ads and Sponsors they have. How can it be a scam if you don’t have to enter no personal details and you don’t have to pay nothing? You can’t even buy Coins for money! I know it sounds to good to be true, but it is. Not everyone will make money, you need skill to win some tournaments, but you will get paid if you do get in the Tops 🙂

  6. It doesn’t cost anything to sign up, you don’t need to enter personal info. Yes you need to be a good player, but that is no different to anything else in online competitions.

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