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August Top of the Tree – Time to Vote


It’s that time of the month again, time to cast your votes and pick the next Top of the Tree in the EU Server. This time you have to pick a Medium Tank, but can we predict what is going to win the vote? I agree with the idea of allowing players to vote and pick the tank they want next, but up to the moment all of them were kinda predictable.

  • March: IS-7
  • April: Jagdpanzer E 100
  • May: TVP T 50/51
  • June: T92
  • July: T110E5

All popular tanks, normal tanks that everyone researches first, aside from the TVP T 50/51 that was a new release on the same month and a lot of players were grinding it. I still believe they should change from Class to Nation and just do it for 15 days, instead of a full month. Oh well… My guess goes to either the Obj. 140 or the T-62A as the next Top of the Tree.

If you want to vote, just login to and cast your vote directly in the front page.


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