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Amaunet85 reporting for blogging

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Hello all! Or, as they say in the Blitz community on EU-server – hyyyy!

I figured it’s best to start with a short word of introduction. My ign is Amaunet85 and like Sk8xtrm, I’m a Community Contributor for World of Tanks Blitz. I’ve been happily playing this game since July 2014, and have recently crossed the 20k games bar, which combined makes me a proper Blitz-addict.

Overall though, I spend a lot more time in and on the community than I do in the actual game. First and foremost by organising an event between the clans of the EU-server every month called I.C.E. (Inter-Clan Event), basically intended to breed mutual respect and get people to get to know each other better. I believe that knowing each other and respecting each other basically keeps a lot of drama away and helps keep things civil.

Aside from that, I help run my clan’s youtube channel – as we recently rebooted that, it’s still very very tiny, and it’s always been more of a hobby than a serious part of my Blitz-life, so I don’t expect that to grow much. My vids are mostly games that are special one way or another (to me in any case), and sometimes I review tanks, in my own special way.

And I blog.

Not about the whole serious technical side of things, mind you, that’s really not my thing. I’m all about the feely-feely side of things. So I write about my thoughts on matters, about how I experience the game, the tanks and everything related to it, stuff that’s happening either in the game itself or in the community. Anything and everything that comes to mind that I’m inspired to write for. I try to do this weekly, which has been failing miserably for the last couple of months, so starting to blog here is, for me, a good way to get myself to do it weekly again.

As for the game itself, there’s a few things that stand out about me. One of those is the way I play. I’m in snipermode 98% of the time (the remaining 2% take place at the beginning and ending of the battle), which is something a lot of people really can’t understand, and makes them assume I’m tunnelvisioning all of the time. I’ll bore you with a blog about that another day.

And the other thing that stands out about me is the fact that I’m a woman (which probably explains the feely-feely-thing). I’ve long since come to terms with the fact that bumps-in-the-front gender is pretty rare in the game. I only know of a few of those, and though when I count them I get to roughly 15-ish or something, that doesn’t quite compare to the roughly 1k men I know in the game, so I consider being female as one of the things that makes me stand out.

Other than that, there’s not much more to say as introduction aside from the general facts. Despite the belief of some, I’m actually -not- 85 years old, but 31, I live in the Netherlands, and I love ladybirds, am a big Transformers fan, have a cat, am a giant bookworm and collect Starbucks city-mugs.

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  1. Thanks for the introduction. Links to your YouTube channel and such would be welcome.

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