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Wargaming Closes WG Cells Seattle

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Hello everyone,

WG Cells, a mobile-focused subsidiary of Wargaming, has closed its 64-person office in the Seattle area.

Wargaming made the decision today to shut down its WG Cells division in Bellevue, WG Cells CEO and co-founder David Bluhm confirmed on Tuesday.


Originally called DropForge Games, the Bellevue, Wash.-based mobile gaming studio was officially absorbed into Wargaming this past October after the two companies had been intertwined for years. DropForge was renamed WG Cells as a result and planned to help Wargaming enter the mobile space.

The shutdown of WG Cells, which built mobile games like Loot & Legends, Fantastic Plastic Squad, and its newest title Smash Squad points to a rapidly-changing mobile gaming industry.

“Every game we ship has been widely-acclaimed and well-received. But that doesn’t make them financial powerhouses.”

But for Wargaming, which has most of its operations in Eastern Europe, it simply became too expensive to operate a mobile development office in the U.S., and particularly in Bellevue. It’s unclear if WG Cells’ other offices in Cyprus and Ukraine are shutting down.

Source: GeekWire