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World of Warships: Advent Calendar

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Christmas is approaching everyone! I hope that you already know what kind of gifts you will offer to the people close to you and that, by the time we reach Christmas, the current situation with the COVID-19 will have settled down. It would be a shame that we can’t enjoy Christmas with our families and friends, wouldn’t it?

Also, don’t forget to switch to your winter tires, safety on the road is important!

This year, Wargaming decided to create a little Advent calendar that will give you each day some in-game goods like flags or camouflages.

World of Warships Advent Calendar

Daily Presents

Each day, you’ll have an opportunity to open a card that offers some interesting info about your own game statistics and receive a present such as various types of flags or camouflages.

The Advent Calendar will be active between December 1 and 31. You’ll have 1 week to collect each present. If you miss more than 7 days, you’ll lose an opportunity to open a card.

Additional Rewards

By visiting the Advent Calendar and opening its cards every day, you’ll get guaranteed gifts and be given opportunities to complete special quests that offer additional rewards. Having finished each simple task, don’t forget to press the “Complete the Quest” button.

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Each special quest will not be considered complete until you press the button!

For completing 6, 12, 18, and 24 of such quests, you’ll receive doubloons and 1 day of Premium Account, as well as Santa’s Gift and Santa’s Big Gift containers.

To complete some of the tasks, you’ll be required to log into your personal account, launch the game, or perform another similar action. The detailed requirements will be described on the cards.

Happy holidays, Captains!

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  1. I play on both PC & XBOX & I think it’s crappy we get better stuff & far more opportunities on PC than we do on console. Things like the advent calendar should also be available on console to.

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