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Conqueror’s Blade: Medieval Warfare – Closed Beta Access

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The Ultimate Medieval Warlord Experience

Conqueror’s Blade is a spectacular and free massively multiplayer action game that places you in the sabatons of a general on the medieval battlefield.

Enjoy the brutal class-based action, dynamic squad tactics and campaign-level strategy that converge across a distinctive historical realm where the medieval West meets the mysterious East.

Select an iconic weapon from any medieval superpower and perfect the art of war alongside elite units that level up with every shared victory.

Immerse yourself in a life of civil and military leadership, with tactical, economic and diplomatic choices that determine the fates of kingdoms.

Choose your General!

Conqueror’s Blade has a combat class to suit you. With a range of attacks and special abilities to call upon, you can turn any weakness into a strength. Later, as you increase your standing, you can further specialise in your preferred weapon or expand your skills to become a versatile presence on the battlefield.

  • POLEAXE: Poleaxes are a fearsome combination of reach, power, and mass. These are favoured by heavy infantry such as halberdiers, and knights fighting on foot.
  • LONGSWORD & SHIELD: A Western-style longsword and heater shield. Dominate the melee with a combination that keeps a balance between attack and defence.
  • MUSKET: The musket is a heavy matchlock firearm with a smoothbore barrel. Once thought unsuitable for the knightly class, muskets (like the earlier arquebuses they are beginning to replace) command respect for their lethality.
  • SPEAR: The spear allows users to fight melee enemies at a relatively safe distance thanks to its long reach. It is effective against both cavalry and infantry, and a skilled warrior can take on multiple enemies at once.
  •  BOW: The bow is a powerful hunting weapon, allowing the lowest-born soldier to kill the most highborn knight. They vary wildly in design and construction materials, but they give even the most humble peasant a fighting chance.
  • SHORTSWORD & SHIELD: A single-edged, one-handed sword with a leather or wooden grip. Paired with a shield, the short sword is a favourite with infantry.
  • DUAL BLADES: Twice as good as a single dagger, and suitable for assassins and infiltrators.
  • GLAIVE: The glaive (or guandao) is a polearm consisting of a heavy blade atop a heavy wooden haft. It is favoured for its considerable stopping power, particularly against lightly-armoured infantry.
  • NODACHI: The nodachi is a two-handed sword with a blade four to seven feet long. Usually made by a master swordsmith, they are prized weapons that honour their bearers.
  • SHORT BOW: In comparison to the bow, the short bow is less cumbersome and tiring, suited to scouts and other light infantry.

Massive Battles

Mount up and lead the charge to capture important strategic locations; scything through ranks of defenders with troops at your side, before ascending the ramparts from beneath a hail of arrows to claim victory for your House.

  • PVP: As well as assault-style Siege battles and frontline field battles, engage with hundreds of generals in Territory War, where across a vast untapped realm an epic war for resources and honour is raging. Conquer villages and towns, develop cities into shining capitals, all while keeping your citizens content and your armies equipped for battle.
  • PVE: Generals can form temporary alliances to bring down a common enemy. Devise a strategy, then form up with your allies to crush the opposing forces in a series of Campaign quests. Once victory is secured, the spoils of war will be shared – until a new enemy rises to challenge the bonds of friendship.
  • SIEGE: As well as authentic weapons, mounts and armour, generals can make use of ladders and towers to assault fortifications, ballista to support attacks and control battering rams, trebuchets and catapults to breach castle walls. Thanks to the game’s physics modelling, the relentless barrage of defensive positions will result in spectacular levels of destruction, to the utter ruination of your foe.

Join me in the Closed Beta!

I’ve got twenty Closed Beta keys to give away to anyone who wants to participate right now! The Extended Siege Test starts today Friday, November 2, and will run through until Monday, November 5 (NA: Sunday, November 4).

media-art9 The servers will be up and running on the following time slots:
  • Moscow: 18:00 – 06:00
  • EU: 16:00 – 04:00
  • UTC*: 15:00 – 03:00
  • NA East: 11:00 – 23:00
  • NA West: 08:00 – 20:00

* Please keep in mind that the server is set to UTC and does not take into consideration daylight saving time changes for the US.


First Come, First Served!

Caim Your Key  

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