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April Fools: Wargaming acquires Armored Warfare!


Disclaimer: The following story was an April Fools’ article. None of the following information was true.

Wargaming has announced today, it will be acquiring game Armored Warfare for just under one hundred million dollars. The tank giant made a move to acquire the unsuccessful modern tank game when plans of World of Tanks 2.0 started to become real.

According to Wargaming, they will use Armored Warfare as a launch platform for World of Tanks 2.0, giving it a massive update by the end of 2018 with the new EnCore engine and using all the already existing mechanics to bring a new modern World of Tanks game sooner.


Armored Warfare always aimed to be the main World of Tanks competitor, but it was never able to achieve near the same level of success of World of Tanks. With the still recent move to set away from Obsidian, started to change Armored Warfare to become almost like a copy of World of Tanks but with modern vehicles.

Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi said in a recent interview “ was only natural to acquire Armored Warfare. We know our fans have been asking for modern vehicles to be added to the game, for quite a long time now. We want to make our players happy and we started thinking about developing World of Tanks 2.0, then someone suggested we could save time if we would just buy Armored Warfare. It took some time, but in the end, it was the best choice we made. This will enable us to deliver World of Tanks 2.0 a lot quicker and at the same time, we will have a dedicated team to this new project.“.

Talks have been ongoing since early 2017 but only now Wargaming and have reached an agreement on the deal and made the official announcement. Players from all around the world will soon be enjoying modern tanks with the release of World of Tanks 2.0.

What do you think, was it a good move from Wargaming to acquire Armored Warfare? Could the game become the new big hit for Wargaming? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. 100 million dollars buhahaha AW is not worth more than 100$ in its current form
    Any way Wg April jokes disappoint as usual

  2. Even if it was real. I wound not believe WG would want to waste money on such a money sink. Then again… the other IP’s owns could be worth it if they bought the full package.

  3. Is this for real or is it an april fool’s prank, because if it is, you guys suck!!!

    1. Of course it’s a prank, I mean WG made their own graphics engine when one was needed instead of buying into an existing one. What on earth would ever possess them to buy a dead title like AW instead of doing it their own way? 😀

  4. I don’t really like April Fools, while jokes are fine, I would prefer disclaimers on this kind of thing.

  5. Well its first of april so obviously its fake news. And on any other day I would call it fake too, 100mill dollars is WAY too expensive..a couple of mills it might have been true

  6. Nice elaborate prank you play on us, I like it :). Even doesn’t sound too unrealistic, especially after AW has lootcrated itself to death. Also, your prank raises some hopes and dreams that the two companies can continue smashing in, as they usually do.

    In the end, I’d love both, and Wg, to be take over by a more customer friendly, gameplaywise innovative, and all in all more experienced and intelligent company (meaning any American or European game company, other than EA).

  7. Nice try, but the date let the cat out of the bag. As mentioned above drop a couple of 0’s off the purchase price the announcement might of been pluseable. Even WG isnt that daft enough to spend that much of our well earned loot for another game.

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