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Armored Warfare: ZBD 86 Giveaway (EU Region)

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Armored Warfare used to be in every World of Tanks mind once it came out, but a lot went wrong with the development of the game and now some even consider the game a lost cause. Could this be harsh words for Armored Warfare?

Ever since I got in contact with Armored Warfare, I’ve decided to give it another try and see how the game is doing now. Let’s be totally honest, I never played it much as it never really appealed me the fact I had yet another grind game to play… My expectations were low, but I did install it and gave it a go with an open mind and what I was about to see and experience, really did surprise me.

Many players still thing Armored Warfare is just a World of Tanks clone and this is where it goes all wrong. Armored Warfare isn’t a clone, it’s his own game and doesn’t want to compete with World of Tanks, in fact, it want’s to stay away from it and now their main priority is giving something we can’t have in World of Tanks: PVE Missions!

Armored Warfare Seasons is quickly approaching, bringing new content a major overall how PVE will work, if you are looking for a game to relax from World of Tanks, why not give it another go at Armored Warfare? Believe me, you will be surprised, just remember to: have an open mind and react to it as a brand new game. And before you try it again, why not grab 3 Days Premium Time and a ZBD-86 for free?

The ZBD-86 (also known as WZ-501 or Type 86 IFV) is a Chinese unlicensed copy of the Soviet BMP-1, acquired from Egypt in the 1980s. The vehicle is practically identical to its Soviet counterpart with even its engine being a copy of the original UTD-20, but the Malyutka ATGM launcher was replaced with the HJ-73 Red Arrow missile launcher. By the time it entered service in 1992, it was already obsolete.


In Armored Warfare, the ZBD-86 is a Tier 3 Armored Fighting Vehicle. Gameplay-wise, it’s roughly on par with its Soviet BMP-1 counterpart, but its Read Arrow missile packs more of a punch. Armored Warfare was kind enough to get us 3,000 codes for EU players, so just click below to get your key!

[keys id=53471]

How to redeem?

  • Visit and login to
  • Enter your code under “Redeem a promo code” area.
  • Please Note One code per account!

15,466 thoughts on “Armored Warfare: ZBD 86 Giveaway (EU Region)

  1. Sorry, I don’t think they work for NA. I’ll double check and come back to you.

  2. You can only use one of these codes per account. If you already used it from other promoting websites, you can’t use it again.

  3. I tried activating it on NA and it seems to work. Might be because AW gives you an account on every server with the same premiums you have but not tech tree tanks?..

  4. Nvm, it says “The code was activated successfully” on the website but when I login into NA account it doesn’t show anything. Logged into EU account (with same login), it shows 3d prem and the ZBD. I guess you can activate it on NA or EU but it will only show up on EU server… FeelsBadMan

  5. I played a couple of thousand games in AW from Closed Alpha, thru Beta and then Open. Yes, it was nice change from WoT and I was looking for something new after a couple of years of constant WoT.

    Due to a lack of players, PvP was a joke. You’d wait for ages in queue until it timed-out. They did a few things wrong by players which caused many to leave.

    Then there was PvE. Well this was great…..for a while. Then it became tedious and boring. When you went into a mission on a certain map, you knew where to expect the enemy tanks and players just camped and waited. Once you knew all the maps, you couldn’t fail.

    I went into the game a couple of weeks ago, after not playing it for nearly two years. The missions were the same and the only difference now, besides a new UI and a few visual things, was that the enemy could actually fire AT missiles at you.

    So, unless they have a lot more players in PvP mode, or you want what could be summised as just another arcade shoot-em-up because you knew what was coming, I can’t see it gaining in popularity

  6. Hello i cant get the key for my GF she plays AW too i get the key for me 1.(stupid) but if i want to get a key for her (other PC but same LAN) alwys come you already get the key 🙁 can you help me?

  7. Same idea here. I too played it all the way through from Alpha to release. It could have been so much. And who cares if people think of it as a WoT clone? There are certain aspects of the game that would really benefit from that.

    Yet somehow it never gained any real traction to speak of and, in a semi-desperate move, the developers started wildly changing things for no reason which were fine to begin with.

    There are some good things they did right and WG could actually gain some good ideas from it though.

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